Wedding Bands, Rings are an integral part of any Wedding!

Wedding is one of the most exciting and interesting events in one’s life. It is the culmination of one’s love into a lifetime relationship where one intends to stay together irrespective of the ups and downs in the married life, as one of the marriage vows aptly states “in sickness and in health, till death do us apart”! Weddings are happy occasion where all you near and dear one, your friends and colleagues get together to share your special day. Both the Bride and the Groom are excited and happy. The Bride is more happy as she can flaunt her choicest of jewelry items on her special day. And the most special of all the jewelry items are the wedding bands that are exchanged between the couple.


The tradition of exchanging wedding bands is age old. It has its roots in the Roman Empire when a band exchanged between two partners symbolized the sense of belonging to another and it stood for a contract between these two partners who have agreed to spend of their lives together. However with the passage of time the entire concept has changed. Today it signifies the never ending trust and love between the two partners. The roundness of the band expresses the never ending love between the couples.

The Victorian Era played a significant role in highlighting the importance of a wedding band. In this era people have the freedom to choose their partner. Arranged marriage became less frequent and Love marriage dominated the scene. However it was after World War I that the bands took the new meaning.

Trends in Wedding Bands:

With the passage of time, besides the symbolism, the patterns and styles of the bands also changed. While the most popular metals are still gold, silver or platinum but new types of metals have also made inroads in to the world of jewelry items. The trends and styles in fashion jewelry have evolved a lot as is evident from the different collections and varieties available. Don’t forget that that it is best to complement the band with the engagement rings so that there is sync between the two. Although it is not compulsory neither necessary but many couples by their band that are similar in look and feel. But for those wishing to exchange different bands in the latest styles and trends one can check out the following:

  • Wedding bands that is stacked upon one another to give the impression that one is wearing multiple bands.
  • Bands that are made up of two or three different types of metals such as white gold, platinum and palladium.
  • Bands that have intricate work or patterns like weaves or braids
  • Then those that have multi colored stones in them for a vibrant and vivacious look.
  • Eternity-style bands or bands that have multiple diamonds encrusted on them.
  • Customized bands with a personal note or initials of the couple’s name.

However keep in mind that if you are opting for customization and personalization of the wedding bands then do so with ample time to spare and not a few days before your D-Day. This will ensure that it is not a last minute work.

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