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Top 4 Benefits of Getting a Body Massage

Getting a body massage is known to have relaxing and therapeutic benefits for the body and mind. It has been used for centuries in many countries world over eg. Day Spa in the Triad NC and is gaining in popularity everyday with specialized massage parlors providing all kinds of body massage with the help of oils and herbal pastes and an ambience specially created to relax the client as much as possible.


Benefits of Getting a Body Massage

Improvement in Blood Circulation

Massaging involves stroking, pressing and rubbing the skin, muscles and ligaments. It may be done gently or by applying some pressure. The circular and kneading hand motions used while massaging the body improve blood circulation and thus help in relieving pain and stiffness. Increased blood circulation also helps in rinsing the body of toxins and improving its immune system.

Reducing Stress

Stress is the bane of modern society with its fast paced lifestyle that leaves little time with the individual for taking care of his/her body. Getting a massage can be a great way of reducing stress and relaxing the mind. Insomnia and headaches, symptoms of stress, can be cured with the help of certain specialized massages. More than anything else, the body responds to the soft, healing touch of the masseur.

Rejuvenating the Skin

Certain massages done with the help of oils like eucalyptus, olive, mustard, etc. and those containing vitamin E supplements help nourishing dry and aged skin. The oil gets absorbed by the skin and aids in revitalizing it leaving it looking youthful and radiant.

Relieves Pain, Assists Healing

Massaging the body has long been used for relieving pain resulting from injuries. It is especially helpful with injuries related to sports. Massaging has a therapeutic impact on torn ligaments and pulled muscles. Massaging also helps relieve labor pain in pregnant woman by releasing the tension in muscles. Massaging regularly with oils is known to have healing effects on illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis that result in chronic pain.

Massaging the body was once dismissed by many as a fad with little benefits but the opinion is changing now and more and more people are embracing this alternative therapy for reducing pain and improving their quality of life.

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