Tips​ ​for​ ​Women​ ​on​ ​Wearing​ ​Sneakers​ Outside the Gym

Why are women afraid to wear sneakers outside the gym or outside the typical errands that they do everyday? Sometimes people can fall into the false beliefs that every shoe has its ‘’moment’’, but this is not always true.

If you are a person who loves wearing sneakers, it doesn’t mean you can only wear them while you’re working out. Sneakers have thousands of possibilities that you may not always think of. Sneakers that are stylish and comfortable are totally appropriate to wear with jeans, skirts, dresses, or whatever you want. Here are some tips to consider when pairing your favorite outfits with sneakers:

The​ ​Perfect​ ​Length

How can you tell if your jeans are the perfect length? Well, the one thing you have to learn is that if you are wearing jeans and sneakers and your jeans are too long, you should roll them a few times so the shoes can be seen clearly.

Why? It’s easy, this trick will not only make your legs look longer, but it will make your sneakers become the main focus of your outfit. In addition, this trick will stylize your image and will give you a casual touch without ceasing the fanciness.

This is a good idea if you’re going on a casual date–you don’t want to over-do it, but you still want to look nice. Pair your jeans with some comfortable and cute sneakers, it gives off an effortless look, and doesn’t seem like you’re trying so hard.

Don’t​ ​Mix​ ​Too Many​ ​Colors

Wearing sneakers is totally okay, but don’t get too crazy with your outfit and be sure you choose the right colors. Sometimes the best option is to pick a classic sneaker in a neutral color, especially if you already have your clothes on and don’t know which sneaker choose.

For example: What about a classic pair of adidas? You can even opt for Vans or Converse. All of these shoes can be the perfect option for just about any casual outfit. You can pair them with leggings, jogger pants, jeans, and more. Your goal is to look nice without having to wear shoes that look good–but don’t feel good.

Dresses​ ​and​ ​Skirts

Don’t be afraid when it comes to wearing sneakers with skirts and dresses–it has become the norm in recent style. Especially in the warmer months, where the only thing you want is to feel comfy and fresh all day. It’s like the perfect duo and you will be the comfiest girl in the city.

Imagine this: you’re on vacation and have to walk long distances, don’t you prefer to do it in comfy, but cool sneakers instead of painful shoes? You don’t want to ruin a vacation because you ended up getting blisters from shoes you shouldn’t be walking long distances in.


You can give an extra touch to your look by adding a cool pair of socks. Here you can have a thousand possibilities, socks can be long or short, or can have a neutral color or printed. You can even invest in some no-show socks, so you can pair them with your low top sneakers.

You have to choose a pair of socks that looks good with your sneakers but also with your clothes. A good idea is to choose in this order: first the clothes, then the sneakers, then find the perfect pair of socks for the whole outfit, and finally, the accessories.

Socks are not only are good for matching, socks are good with sneakers for other important reasons. The socks will protect your foot, and if you sweat you won’t stain the template of your sneakers and they won’t smell or grow mold.


Yes, you can wear sneakers with stockings but not always, you have to keep one rule in mind. Never wear them with transparent stockings in any color, instead you can wear them with black opaque stockings. For example, a black dress with black stockings and multi colored sneakers will look good–especially since the sneakers will make the outfit stand out.

Be Comfortable

Remember, you’re looking to have all sorts of options: the running shoes for the gym, the ones for casual wear, and your nicest pairs. If​ ​you​ become ​overwhelmed​, the idea of this trend is to make you less worried and more comfortable.

Any sneaker will be good with almost everything, plus, they eliminate the need to always wear heels or boots. Don’t be afraid to take a risk with your style, you may end up pairing something together that ends up looking really great on you.

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