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Taking Tatiomax Glutathione: Safe or Not?

Despite many articles published on Tatiomax Glutathione is that there are articles that contain myths or misconceptions about the product. In general, glutathione is a very safe anti oxidant and is no stranger to our system. In fact, there are many fruits and vegetables that we eat that contain glutathione so it’s perfectly safe for our body as it is beneficial. The problem with getting glutathione naturally is that we don’t get to absorb enough of the said nutrient.

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Tatiomax Glutathione is one of the most efficient brands of reduced glutathione food supplement in the market. Unfortunately, there are many fake products being sold so be sure to verify the Tatiomax Glutathione you are purchasing.


Glutathione covers around 68 different disease or conditions. Taking up tatiomax glutathione has many health benefits and in general are the following.



 Coined as the “mother of all antioxidants”, glutathione is a major endogenous antioxidant produced by the cells. With the many harmful substances entering our body everyday from the polluted air, water and food we eat we need a cleaning agent that can flush away these toxins out of our body. A body with ample glutathione in its system will bring a balance in the immune, endocrine and nervous systems thus preventing the body from health problems.


Prevents Eye and Other Types of Diseases

 As mentioned, glutathione can strengthen the immune system which is the main body defense against many diseases. Many maybe unaware that glutathione is actually a universal nutritional factor for eye health. The antioxidant prevents cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disease and diabetic blindness. So a healthy dose of Tatiomax Glutathione can detoxify the aqueous fluid found in the inner eye. As people age your glutathione levels drop that’s why taking in Tatiomax Glutathione is very beneficial.


Aside from eye diseases, glutathione is used in the treatment of the immune system such as AIDS. High levels of glutathione in the body T,B, and white blood cells are strengthened thus it can fight of foreign bodies in general.


Keeps the Body Looking and Feeling Young

 If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, look no further, Tatiomax Glutathione works better than most chemically-based commercial whitening treatments. There are some whitening products that may have the fastest results in the planet, but can damage or leave your skin dry.


Effective Skin-whitening

 When you hear or see a glutathione product most of as will immediately think it as a whitening agent.

The antioxidant was not well known until the recent glutathione whitening products in the market and there’s a reason for its rise in popularity, and this is because glutathione is just plainly an excellent whitening product.


Healthy Body (Vitamin C)

 As a major antioxidant produced by the cells, it maintains the exogenous antioxidants like Vitamin C and E. It is also recommended to take Vitamin C while taking Glutathione to keep L-glutathione in its absorbable state. This help release the potential of vitamin C whitening properties.



 Remember that not all glutathione products are safe. Avoid glutathione preparations that have a combination of Tyrostat or LTyrosine and Titanium oxide.

Sine glutathione is water soluble which means even an excess of the chemical in the body will still be excreted through urine or bile.

If in doubt for your dosage consult a doctor. A doctor can better determine your dosage based on the body weight plus your state of health. There are instances where glutathione users experience allergies or diarrhea due to the various chemical compositions that triggers side effects. A consultation from an expert may be a wise choice.

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