Steps to Achieving the Perfect Beauty Sleep

It isn’t called “beauty sleep” without reason. An overnight beauty routine will pay dividends in terms of getting a proper sleep and at the same time keeping your nails, skin and hair pampered to perfection. Here we present a few easy and practical tips to achieve this.

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 Change pillowcases

A pillow with a slip in a material such as satin is preferable to a cotton cover because the smoother finish is good for your hair, helping prevent tangles and breakages. You’ll also be free of those dreaded facial skin wrinkles in the morning.

 Avoid pre-sleep snacking

Snacks such as sugars and grains should be avoided before you go to bed because they inhibit sleep by raising energy levels. Your digestive system will also remain active, and the resultant intermittent sleeping pattern will be reflected in your morning complexion and bags under the eyes.

 Into the dark

Try to sleep in an environment as close to complete blackout as possible by using blackout shutters for total darkness. Even small amounts of light can impact on your circadian rhythm and production of sleep-friendly hormones such as serotonin and melatonin from the pituitary gland. If you have to go to the bathroom, make sure that the light in there is as low as possible, otherwise you’ll have had it as far as melatonin production goes for the rest of the night.

 Switch off the TV

TV stimulates the brain in the worst possible way, so shut it down before bedtime. Better still, remove it from the bedroom altogether.

 Wear your socks

It doesn’t sound too romantic, but it’s a fact that wearing your socks to bed can greatly reduce the chances of waking up in the middle of the night. This is because the feet have relatively poor circulation compared with the rest of the body and can easily become disproportionately cold as your general body temperature falls.

 Early to bed

You can help your body get off to sleep faster by going to bed early. During the three hours after about 11pm, our bodies recharge and recover, and the gallbladder dumps its toxins. While you’re still awake, these toxins will be backed up into the liver instead and later into the whole system, which will have an impact on health as well as on sleep. Shortly after sundown is the best time to retire because that’s when we did before electricity came along.

 Keep away from alcohol

It’s true that drinking alcohol will usually make you feel drowsy, but unfortunately this is a short-lived effect, and a few hours later you’ll usually wake up again and will have difficulty getting back to sleep. The body heals and refreshes itself during deep sleep, and alcohol will prevent you achieving that.

There are many factors that affect your quality of sleep and, therefore, your quality of life and the way you look and feel in the morning. Finding the right balance can be something of an art, so feel free to experiment.

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