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Understanding Different Types of St Dalfour Beauty Whitening Cream

Women all over the world love the St Dalfour Gold Seal Beauty Whitening creams. Many people know St Dalfour France for their delicious gourmet jams, but the Original St Dalfour creams are from Kuwait. These creams have helped countless women achieve clearer, brighter, whiter, and healthier looking skin. But I get more questions about which one to use than virtually any other product!

Skin creams and beauty whitening creams are greatly misunderstood by most people. That’s not surprising considering the myriad of choices on the market. Plus, there’s been little educational information made available regarding the different types of skin whitening creams and which one is appropriate for various types of skin.

We’ve compiled six leading skin whitening creams and will examine their benefits and discuss the types of skin with which each product is appropriately used.

To keep our list comprehensive and uniform, all skin creams included are manufactured by St. Dalfour. They can be easily compared and then the best choice can be made for your skin. All creams listed below are effective for general skin lightening, as well as treating light spots, acne scars and melasma.

1. Pinkish – For skin that needs extra moisture. This cream is a good daily use cream and is especially helpful for small lines and light spots. Typically, people over 40 years of age benefit greatly from Pinkish cream. The oil content of this cream moisturizes and helps repair dry, damaged skin.

2. Red M – For healthy, fairly well moisturized skin. Undamaged skin that needs lightening or whitening will benefit from Red M. This cream helps with acne marks and freckles, leaving the skin softer and clearer. It is excellent for use with most caucasian skin types. Red M protects against future freckles when applied weekly after the initial daily applications.

3. Filipina – For skin that has a higher oil content. The Filipina cream is, essentially, considered the Red M for oily or Asian-type skin. It is protective and will leave the skin looking brighter and feeling softer. Filipina will properly moisturize the skin while also helping to prevent some of the damage done by the sun and wind.

4. Non-Oily Filipina – Similar to Filipina, but for skin that already has a high oil content. This is not a moisturizing cream. Non-oily Filipina is excellent for blackheads, acne and damaged skin. Its low oil content means this cream will not clog the pores.

5. Steamed – For very sensitive skin. All oil is steamed out of this whitening cream. Similar to Non-Oily Filipina, Steamed is not a moisturizer. Steamed works well with oily skin and can help repair the damage done by acne and blackheads. Apply consistently during acne breakouts for the best results.

6. Excel – For skin that has already used whitening and brightening products. Excel is maximum strength and has double the whitening power of the other creams. It is very effective, but it should not be your first skin whitening cream. Excel moisturizes but its biggest impact is in lightening, brightening and whitening your skin.

Keep in mind that all the skin cream mentioned must be used according to their instructions. Typically, that means daily applications which then lead to weekly applications once desired, initial results are seen. Regardless of which skin whitening cream is best for you, be sure to follow the included instructions closely and monitor your skin carefully.

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27 thoughts on “Understanding Different Types of St Dalfour Beauty Whitening Cream
  • Melanie Kho says:

    i am willing to buy if you will give me assurance that the dalfour you are selling is authentic/original…

  • salma says:

    How can I order excle dalfur cream

  • araya sawadee says:

    I need help for my darksport on my face
    I has melasma deep on my cheek over 10 years
    I used every product never gone.
    Pls help me to used St,Dalfour

  • k..vije says:

    i want st.dulfer beauty whitining cream & soap original,im in srilanka, i want real white beauty & fair,no side effect cream & soap,so how can i get these produts original? already i used these produts in fake,so i was got yellowish white ,but i dont like that,so i want pinkish white

  • Gemmer says:

    i am interested to sell your products and wanted to be a sales agent, what will i do to be a distributor of your products. Thank you

  • marini says:

    Dear st. dulfer,

    I just would like to know more about the product. My face got a lot of scar and pimples and my face also look so dull… I really hope that u can help me out… Thank You

  • Danz says:

    Hi , what can i used? i have a melasma for a year its getting bigger, i thought it was an ordinary freckles, im 43 yrs old now. I dont have any problem on my face only this dark spot on both cheek. ive been to a dermatologist last yr. she made a deep skin peeling, i went on three sessions and nothing change. i also used a month ago a tretinoin i used it for two weeks and i stop it bcoz it like getting more darker. pls help im afraid to try other products because my skin is thin. thanks.

  • shaikh lubna says:

    I m from mumbai near thane from where I get original st dalfour whitening cream plz reply

  • senuri says:

    Hi I’m an asian I have a really dry skin.. Whatsshud I use war is it adviee

  • kaddy says:

    How can I order excle dalfur cream. And red-m. And i wander if this is original ore copy

  • Julieta Bongot says:

    hi i wanna try this product but not sure which one i had a lot of acne scars in my face and i’ve tried a lot of products already but nothing helps or works to get rid my acne scars hope you can help me.Thanks!

  • nita shinde says:

    St cream is really good I like it I am used Filipina and rad m also I likes Filipina cream and I want trays m excal . Thank you very much St dalfour.

  • ut tran says:

    Im now in Vietnam, can you help me, how i can order this product?

  • cheryl T. Brutas says:

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  • Preetaman kaur Arneja says:

    I am having discoloration on cheeks please suggest what is going to suitable for me

  • Hishani says:

    Hi I am Hishani from sri Lanka.I have used dulfour products some time ago.There slots of fakes in the market.I need good original product.Also I don’t mind being a sales agent for true product which actually people can use without skin irritation and lasting results.Please let me know what I should do.Thank you
    Best Regards

  • Carina says:

    I have dark pigmentations on both cheeks. I guess they also call it melasma. What kind of dalfour product should i use? Thank you

  • casmara says:

    i hv a dryskin .having no pimple nd scar
    .i just wnt my skin glowing nd fair.
    which will suitable for me?

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    Is it safe for lactating women?

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