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Stretch marks

Stretch marks are little rows of discolorations that can mar the smoothness of your skin and show up in the most unmanageable places, like hips, thighs, breasts or buttocks.

Simply put, these marks appear when your skin can't stretch to keep up with your body growth or muscle growth. The collagen fibres in the are the cause of leucoderma. deeper part of the skin tear due to the expansion. This can be caused by a Teenagers can get stretch marks over their thighs, legs, bottoms, waist and arms during their growth phase. It can also happen after a large height or weight gain (and subsequent loss), or during pregnancy. However, appearance of stretch marks when you are pregnant depends on heredity.

Stretch marks start as purple-red lines, which occasionally may be sore and tender, and can last four or five months. These eventually fade, leaving behind thin silverygrey stretch marks or wider, deeper, whiter marks. At this stage, they are technically scars.

Stretch marks can be controlled if you tackle them as soon as they appear. All treatment creams or modes work best only in the active phase, i.e., soon after the stretch marks appear, when they are reddish or purplish in colour. Once they turn whitish, it is very difficult or next to impossible to erase them. The most effective product for just-forming stretch marks is definitely tretinoin, the topical form of vitamin A. Tretinoin stimulates the production of collagen and interrupts the inflammatory process that breaks down the dermis. However, this has to be used under the supervision of a dermatologist, who will treat developing stretch marks with a high strength concentration of tretinoin for three to six months. This could be supplemented with a glycolic or lactic acid moisturizer. These can slough off the outer layer of skin cells,leaving smoother, fresher skin behind.

If your stretch marks are due to pregnancy, do begin treatment only after you've given birth. However, cocoa butter, aloe vera and vitam n E-based creams can be used even during pregnancy. Olive oil or sunflower oil massages may also help.

Other treatment modes like microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser treatment work in only some cases.

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