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Skin is a barometer of overall health. When you are rundown or ill it is reflected in spots, dryness, eczema or deratitis and premature ageing. Adolescence often causes problems for the complexion. Sports, blackheads, acne and pimples all beset a person whose hormonal balance is changing, causing the glands to produce too much sebum. These conditions so not mean that you have a dirty skin, but they can be minimized by vareful and frequent washing with a mild soap to stop bacteria from spreading.

A facial scrub will often remove blackheads, especially if you have opened the pores by steaming your face over a bowl of water first. You can help a spot to dry out more quickly by dabbing as it continually with antiseptic. This is a much better way of dealing with it than squeezing which can result in brushing (an ugly red patch is hardly an improvement on a spot), bleeding and broken veins.

If you have acne, you should see your doctor. Antibiotic treatment can often be prescribed, but, sadly, sometimes the only answer is - you will grow out of it.

Check your diet and cut out sweet and greasy foods. Eat more fresh fruit and raw vegetables and drink plenty of mineral water.

Keep your face scrupulously clean.

The skin disorders section of provides detail information on various skin diseases with emphasis their Causes, Signs and symptoms, Treatment, Home remedies cure with pictures.

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