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Pruritis (Pruritis Ani)- Symptoms and Pruritis Treatment

Pruritis is a medical term for itching. Pruritis is common in many skin conditions, but the term is usually applied specifically to itching when there is no visible cause for it in the skin. Pruritis may be localized, especially to the vulva or the anal region where it is called Pruritis Ani, and may be caused by fungal or other infections, or lack of cleaniness. Although the pathogenesis of pruritus is unknown, clinically AG event potential mediators have been investigated in several settings. Sometimes Pruritis has no apparent cause in which case it is often due to psychological problems. These can produce intense localized itching in the skin without obvious cause.

Generalized Pruritis is quite often seen in elderly patients in whom it is usually due to dryness of teh skin, loneliness an ddepression make it worse. Generalized Pruritis can occur as part of a number of systemic diseases - some kinds of jaundice, cancer, and kideney failure. Approximately 66% of the patients had pruritus at some point, and 48% were affected by it at the time of the study.

Pruritis Treatment

Anaemia can also cause Pruritis as can a lack of iron in the body. If the cause of Pruritis cannot be found or removed, the condition is treated by advising the patient to avoid overheating, alcohol and hot drinks. Calamine lotion helps to cool the skin, which should be prevented from becoming too dry.

Antihistamines may reduce itching as may ultraviolet light or sunlight. In many cases, tests are necessary to determine the cause; while these are in progress, treatment to provide symptomatic relief of pruritus may be given.

Topical treatment may include:

  • Calamine lotion
  • Menthol/camphor lotion
  • Regular use of emollients
  • Mild topical corticosteroids


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