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keratoacanthoma Symptoms - keratoacanthoma Treatment

keratoacanthoma is a common skin disorder also called "KA" by dermatologists and is characterised by deep bulbous lobules of keratinizing well differentiated squamous epithelium with central keratin filled crater. keratoacanthoma appears suddenly and grows rapidly, over the course of weeks. Commonly, more than one KA can arise on the leg, either all at once or over time. This special version of KA is called multiple "keratoacanthoma of the leg" and can be particularly distressing to both patients and doctors. Mostly keratoacanthoma occurs on sun-exposed areas of body like face, neck, and dorsum of the upper extremities are common sites. Truncal lesions are rare.

Rare variants of this disease are as -

  • Giant keratoacanthoma
  • Keratoacanthoma centrifugm marginatum
  • Subungual keratoacanthoma
  • Multiple Keratoacanthoma.

keratoacanthoma Treatment and Prevention

  • Keratoacanthomas are treated by removing the growth.
  • Systemic retinoids, such as isotretinoin, are a consideration for patients with lesions too numerous for surgical intervention.
  • Radiation therapy may be useful in selected patients with large tumors in whom resection will result in cosmetic deformity or for tumors that have recurred following attempted excisional surgery.


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