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Dark Circles under eyes

Dark circles are a bane for a lot of Indians. They add years to your face and make you look perpetually fatigued. The commonest cause is a soap or moisturizer that does not suit you.

As the skin is at its thinnest over the eyelids, it will darken earlier then the rest of the face in reaction or intolerance to cosmetics used. Other causes of dark circles include the sun as also fatigue, illness, thin skin and genetics, amongst others. Anyone or a combination of reasons can cause dark circles.

More often than not, dark circles clear up with the use of some medicated creams.

To lighten your dark circles:

  • Use a facewash; avoid soap.
  • Ensure that you remove your make-up completely and thoroughly by using a cleansing milk and then washing with warm water and a face wash.
  • Use a sunscreen meant for babies everymorning and afternoon, even if you are indoors.
  • You could try the eye gels,or preferably the eyecreams, that are available in the market.

If your dark circles are severe and do not respond to home treatment, then do see a dermatologist. It is possible to 'erase' dark circles permanently with one of several dermatologist-performed treatments.

Dermatologists commonly treat circles with mild steroids for very limited time periods followed by either retinoids and/or hydroquinone. Sometimes mild to medium-strength peels using glycolic, salicylic or TCA (trichloroacetic acid) may be required in addition to this treatment for maximum benefits. Some computerized machines used for non-surgical facelifts have programmes to treat dark circles as well.

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