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Amoebiasis Symptoms - Amoebiasis Treatment

Amoebiasis is an infection caused by a micro-organism known as entamoeba histolica. Amoebiasis is a severe form of dysentery associated with stomach pain, bloody stools, and fever. The organism enters the body in contaminated food and drink and forms the infected ulcers in the wall of the colon. Amoebiasis most commonly affects young to middle-aged adults. The most common forms of amoebic disease are diarrhea and dysentery. Ocassionally an abscess may form in Amoebiasis in the liver in rare instances. Treatment is with antibiotics, although an abscess in the liver may need to be drained. Amoebiasis occurs when Entamoeba histolytica parasites are taken in by mouth, eaten or swallowed something infected with such parasite, however the most common way this happens is by person-to-person spread.

Amoebic abscesses may form in the liver, lungs, and brain and elsewhere in the body. Some people are resistant to amoebiasis and some are only carriers and do not suffer from it. Diagnosis of amoebiasis is only confirmed by finding cysts in the stools of the patient. Sign and symptoms of amoebiasis includes diarrhoea, abdominal pain, Poor appetite, increased intensity of the infection, fever, nausea and bloody stools i.e. characteristic amoebic dysentery with slimy mucous occurs and complicate the condition.

Remember - Amoebiasis can be spread by:

  • Drinking contaminated water
  • Eating contaminated raw vegetables and fruit
  • Unprotected oral-anal sexual contact

Amoebiasis Treatment and Prevention

  • Don't put anything into your mouth that has touched the stool of a person who is infected with E. histolytica .
  • Uncooked foods must be avoided, particularly vegetables and fruit, which cannot be peeled before eating.
  • Foods which are best to avoid are uncooked foods, particularly vegetables and fruit, which cannot be peeled before eating.
  • Unpacked drinks and ice should also be avoided. Food handlers should always use disposable paper towels or an air dryer to dry their hands.
  • Don't swallow something, such as water or food that is contaminated with E. histolytica .
  • Don't touch and bring to your mouth cysts (eggs) picked up from surfaces that are contaminated with E. histolytica .
  • Avoid sexual practices that allow faecal-oral contact.


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