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Fordyces Condition - Symptoms & Fordyce's Sports Treatment

Fordyce's Condition also known as Fordyces spots is harmless is a chronic degenerative skin disorder in which small and elevated yellow growths develop in groups on the lips, in the mouth, tongue, cheeks, female labia, and the penis. Since Fordyce's Condition is harmless and appears in most adults, there is no reason to panic. They are generally non-infectious and usually resolve themselves. They appear as small yellow spots, 1-2 mm in diameter, called Fordyce's spots. Localization may vary. They are asymptomatic and present in the majority of people.

Symptoms of Fordyces Condition

Fordyces Condition is a variant of Sebaceous Hyperplasia. Tiny yellow dots in groups and sometimes in sheets on the lips, inside the mouth, and sometimes on the genital skin may be seen in fordyce's condition.

Causes of Fordyces Condition

The cause for it is still unknown, but there seems to be a generic link. In 30-40% cases, the main cause of fordyce's condition is heredity disorder. Fordyces sports is most common amoung children and young adults, the reason is not known.

Treatment recommendations of Fordyces Condition

  • Individual lesions can be removed by diathermy, laser vaporization or light cautery Generally Fordyce's Condition does not require any treatment.

  • There is no treatment needed, but you can apply Tretinoin gel or cream daily to the affected areas. It will reverse the effects over time and prevent it from getting worse.
  • TCA chemical peels are sometimes prescribed, but Fordyce's Condition return as soon as treatment is stopped.
  • You can remove it with laser vaporization.


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