Separation Anxiety

College can be an exciting and terrifying adventure for young adults and their parents. For students, it is likely the first time they have lived somewhere other than their parents house. No more home cooked meals, free laundry, or pantries stocked with food. For parents, it is more so terrifying than exciting. The amount of money going into their child’s education can be staggering so they want them to hit the books hard and stay out of trouble. Parents can only pray that their child learned something from them about the value of a dollar.


As soon as parents finish helping their son or daughter move into their new dorm, all bets are off. They will either sit down and start getting themselves organized for the first day of classes or they will head straight to the quad to flirt with other coeds and find out where the kegger is going to be later that night. Not that there is anything wrong with a kegger on your first day of college. As long as they wake up in time and make it to class all should be forgiven. It can be difficult for them to focus in those first few weeks. There are new faces everywhere, different buildings with an assortment of classrooms, and places to eat and mingle with other students. Parents should give them some time to adjust during this time. Let them take it all in and settle down. It’s also around this time they might blow through all of the money you put in their account on things like late night pizza and cheap beer. Instead of loading up their card with more funds, smart parents will pick up these Groupon coupons for FedEx and use them to send care packages because, let’s be honest, Little Jimmy isn’t so little anymore and he probably isn’t going through $300 a week on pizzas like he says. If you know he is enjoying himself too much but also bringing in a 3.0 GPA then you have a lot to be proud of. It’s not easy showing up for finals still buzzed from the night before and acing an exam. Way to go, Jimmy.

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