3 Tips To Re-Start Your Relationship Engine

If your relationship has grown old and stale it is all too easy to let the romance escape and become but a distant memory. The good news is that there are steps you can take to re-ignite the spark in your relationship, here’s the top three;


Jump-starter 1: Communicate

How long has it been since you’ve spoken? Now take the time recording and forget it. How long has it been since you’ve spoken candidly about your needs, desires and fantasies?

Months? Years? Never?

Don’t start the conversation in the bedroom. Sit down over dinner and rewind to the start of your relationship. Relive the giddy, fleeting hand-holding days, where making love was honest and visceral. Tread carefully around old wounds and insecurities; explore their validity, recognise your failures together and move on.

Jump Starter 2: Trust

Trust is brittle, hard to earn and sorely missed. After communicating your needs and experimenting with erogenous zones, move on from the basics of boobs, butt, neck and balls into a brave new world of nerve endings and limits. Bondage is red letter word, traditionally sewn into an alternative culture and pedalled as dark, dangerous and degrading. While there are fringe aspects of the kink that can be harmful, bondage is primarily a trust exercise in submission and acceptance. Surrendering your body and impulses to the control of your partner is liberating, within the rule of course. Discussing safe words, limits, grey boundaries and play rules will test your communication skills. If you can’t agree on any of the above, step back to Jump Starter 1 and analyse any communication break-downs. If you’re ready to move forward, start small with beginner handcuffs or rope, progressing as your comfort and trust levels build.

Jump Starter 3: Fantasy

On the hierarchy of titillation, your brain is the dominant sex organ. Without psychological and emotional stimuli, physical sex is something to do to pass the time, scratch an itch and satisfy any biological urge on the horizon. Seduction and intimacy embrace the mechanics of physicality and saturate the brain in feel-good chemicals, climaxing in heightened arousal, sensitivity and anticipation.

Communication, Trust and Fantasies are essential components to keep your relationship in good repair.

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Top 4 Benefits of Getting a Body Massage

Getting a body massage is known to have relaxing and therapeutic benefits for the body and mind. It has been used for centuries in many countries world over eg. Day Spa in the Triad NC and is gaining in popularity everyday with specialized massage parlors providing all kinds of body massage with the help of oils and herbal pastes and an ambience specially created to relax the client as much as possible.


Benefits of Getting a Body Massage

Improvement in Blood Circulation

Massaging involves stroking, pressing and rubbing the skin, muscles and ligaments. It may be done gently or by applying some pressure. The circular and kneading hand motions used while massaging the body improve blood circulation and thus help in relieving pain and stiffness. Increased blood circulation also helps in rinsing the body of toxins and improving its immune system.

Reducing Stress

Stress is the bane of modern society with its fast paced lifestyle that leaves little time with the individual for taking care of his/her body. Getting a massage can be a great way of reducing stress and relaxing the mind. Insomnia and headaches, symptoms of stress, can be cured with the help of certain specialized massages. More than anything else, the body responds to the soft, healing touch of the masseur.

Rejuvenating the Skin

Certain massages done with the help of oils like eucalyptus, olive, mustard, etc. and those containing vitamin E supplements help nourishing dry and aged skin. The oil gets absorbed by the skin and aids in revitalizing it leaving it looking youthful and radiant.

Relieves Pain, Assists Healing

Massaging the body has long been used for relieving pain resulting from injuries. It is especially helpful with injuries related to sports. Massaging has a therapeutic impact on torn ligaments and pulled muscles. Massaging also helps relieve labor pain in pregnant woman by releasing the tension in muscles. Massaging regularly with oils is known to have healing effects on illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis that result in chronic pain.

Massaging the body was once dismissed by many as a fad with little benefits but the opinion is changing now and more and more people are embracing this alternative therapy for reducing pain and improving their quality of life.

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Guest Post: Creating A New Lifestyle for You

There are some people that are simply unhappy with their lifestyles. They may be interested in building a new lifestyle for themselves, but they may be unaware of the areas that they need to start in. Someone that is creating a new lifestyle can take a small step or a large leap in the following areas to give their lifestyles a makeover.

Pretty young woman with arms raised


When it comes to grooming a change in hairstyles is always at the top of the list for a lifestyle change. For many people a change in their hair makes them feel like a totally different person. Sometimes this may consist of cutting a lot of hair off. At other times there may be a desire to start growing more hair.

For men this goes even further because they also have facial hair to consider. Some men that may have never worn a beard may make the decision to grow one. Others that have spent most of their adult lives with beards may decide to cut it. This can be something that alters perception and catapults the beginning of a lifestyle change.


One extreme form of a lifestyle change may involve the relocation to another area. Some people have the ability to change their lives in accordance to the people that they meet and places that they work just by moving. Sometimes this may be a move from a rural city to a metropolitan area in the same state. At others times this may be a bigger move from a small southern city to a large east coast city like New York City. This can be quite a lifestyle change that may take some serious adjustments. Others may even go as far as moving to another country on a quest to embrace a new lifestyle.

Hangout Spots

When a person moves to another city they may consider hanging out in new spots. This is definitely a big part of a new lifestyle change. When people hang out in new bars and clubs they are bound to make new friends and create new social circles. This is how many people adjust to a new lifestyle in a new city. Finding new things to do will essentially change a person because this is an adjustment that breaks their normal routine. A person that has never watched sports, for example, will be making a lifestyle change by attending sports events. This may also change the people that a person socializes with.

Rethinking Your Style of Dress

Another lifestyle change has to do with the exploration of new clothing. Lots of consumers are creatures of habit. They buy the same types of garments in the same types of color schemes because they have become used to wearing certain things. There are times when people may want to break out of their shell and acquire a new wardrobe. This is the perfect way to accentuate a new haircut. A new wardrobe can make a person feel like they have been transformed.

Author Bio: Joana Hall is an avid writer who likes to write blogs on Lifestyle. She has written many articles on best celebrity hair styles. In this article she is providing the readers some valuable information on creating a new lifestyle.

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How to Adjust to being Newly Single after a Break-up

I remember when I first broke up with my long-term boyfriend. Everything fell to pieces, disintegrating at the delicate touch of five simple words, heavy with meaning and subtext.  I can’t do this anymore. Of course, they weren’t uttered once; it’s the twenty-first century after all. The rolling script of a text message punctured my lungs and for the next few hours I couldn’t breathe. There was no light at the end of the tunnel; he knew that, his actions or digital machinations indicated a gulf between us, despite occupying the same space, friends, city…everything. It was all drenched in him and me.

young couple flirting at restaurant table

So how did I make the switch between self-loathing to happily single? Was it easy? Is there a formula? A self-help book I preferred or a conversation I had to have? No. It was time; time and self-reflection. Periods of hating myself, hating him, hating life and then slowly learning to love it again. On my terms and only for myself. Here’s some tips on how to adjust to your new single status:

Don’t Be Afraid

Suspicion might override reasoning for a time, injecting an unhealthy dose of fear into every conversation you have. The down-talk, the I-am-horribly-ugly-and-undesirable-why-are-you-talking-to-me mentality many of us poison ourselves with. Try to stop. Replace these gaps in your head with something positive. You’ve gained agency, more time for you, the ability to surrender yourself to fresh experiences and environments. You have so much to offer the world, from your smile to the way you can link words together, calculate impossible figures, extract information or understand difficult people with empathy and patience. Don’t let the fear he or she instilled diminish you. You are becoming a better version of the extraordinary person you already were. And the other half? Pfft.

No Contact

It might be tempting to carry on the relationship in some form, whether you’re bed buddies or platonic friends, at least in theory. Don’t. Now, I do think it’s possible to be friends with an ex on a civil level, but if they’ve broken that trust and badly damaged your self-esteem, they don’t deserve your company. Don’t hand them the platter of torture instruments, because they will manipulate you the first moment it suits them. Cut them off. Even if you don’t know anyone else. Especially if you know nobody else; it’s evident they’re holding you back.

Losing Everything Can Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

It’s often when our lives change so dramatically, we discover who we really are, uncovering personality traits and streams of strength we didn’t know we had. There is no additional exposition required. All you need is yourself, icecream, the Game of Thrones series and a couple of mildly interested friends to ear-bash (stay away from I-Can-Fix-It friends, your emotions and self-worth isn’t a machine, it can’t be fixed, only sutured and healed with time).

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The Logistics Behind Bridesmaid Dresses

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! Wedding bells are ringing. Here comes the groom, the bride, the flower girls, the bridesmaids… Yes, the bridesmaid. They are your close friends or relatives who will accompany you all through-out your wedding day and organize the bachelorette and bridal shower for you. They will assist you in choosing the best wedding gown in the town. They do a lot of things and yet their appearance on the wedding day itself should not be the least of concern.


 Here are some reminders on the logistics behind bridesmaid’s dresses.

  • Match their figures

You can choose from a variety of styles such as A – Line or princess, empire, ball gown and sheath. One style might look good for some but not for some. It is important to consider their height, size and shape.

  • Complement their color

It is important that the color of the bridesmaid dresses complement with the theme of the wedding, but you might consider the colors which will show best the beauty of your bridesmaids. It is important that the colors will not make clash with the carpet of neither the wedding church nor blend with the reception area. Some use color run that uses different colors of same style of dresses. You can base the color from their hair/ skin tones and height.

  • Accessories

Accessories add accent to the bridesmaid dress. It ranges from crystal earrings to pearl necklace to headpiece and other jewelries. Bridesmaid can use complementary jewelries from the bride but should not be identical.  When looking for accessories, it should not be very extravagant and the bride must not impose too much jewelry for maids who want to be simple. The bridesmaid accessories also depend on the style and fashion statement of the bridesmaid but the bride can give guidelines as what she wants for her wedding.  Shoes on the other hand are the most important accessory among all as it must harmonize with the dress or else it might clash with the dress and theme of the event.

  • Bridesmaid lingerie

It is also not a waste if you will try to match dresses with bridesmaid lingerie to make it more beautiful.

  • Price
  1. Wedding Dresses = the price for wedding dresses varies from $60 to $400+. The price of a bridesmaid dress depends on the style, fabric, and length. 
  2. Shoes = the price of shoes varies from $150 and up depends on the quality and brand of the shoes.
  3. Accessories = for the accessories, the prices range from $15 as the cheapest to $100 or more. The price depends on the type of jewellery and headband. The prices also increases depends on the brand that you will buy.

Note: Since the total price for the bridesmaid dresses might cost the bridesmaid too much, the bride might subsidize the expenses.

  • Delivery date

Supposedly, the delivery date for the dresses should be a month or 3 weeks prior the wedding to give time for alterations. One can also choose from boutiques and wedding shops that offer discounts and free shipping.

  • Alteration

Lastly alteration shouldn’t be forgotten. When providing a deadline for delivery and total amount of dresses it is always added as you don’t know whether the first delivery fits the bridesmaid perfectly.

About the Author:

Perl Watson is a full time blogger and award winning writer and loves writing on current fashion and lifestyle topics.

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Get Your Hands on Exclusive Handbags this Year

Almost all women love shopping, and when it comes to bags, you will find some serious enthusiasts. Traditionally, handbags were just a storage place, especially for carrying small goods or money. In those days, all people cared about was functionality and not fashion. In short, fashion was so non-existent that handbags were simply considered a convenient way for carrying important things.


Today, handbags are more of a fashion statement than anything else. While it still plays the role of an essential storage space, it is a fashion accessory and hence a lot of attention is paid to it when buying one.

The manufacturers and designers have combined the storage space usefulness with creativity and style to provide customers with a never ending range of fashionable handbags for use. Keeping this in mind, one can’t deny the popularity of designer luxury handbags.

Other than jewellery and watches, luxurious handbags offered by different well-known designers are an integral part of fashion. A designer or fashionable handbag is considered a ‘must-have’ accessory for every woman. For many women, it is very important to get their handbag matched with their shoes, clothing or other accessories, especially when they are dressed up for some special occasion. This time of the year is perfect to make some fashionable choices for your accessories wardrobe. Thus, the best way to do so is to add some luxury, trendy handbags.

With time, women have become absolutely fashion conscious regardless of which area they cover. Whether it’s about their clothes, shoes, sunglasses or handbags, everything has to be a luxury and chic in style. Holding accessories isn’t the only reason handbags are used today; in fact, many women today use them to express their fashion tastes, mood and social status.

Luxury, fashionable handbags are available from top designers including Hermes, Christian Dior, Gucci, Burberry and Louis Vuitton. All these designer handbags make an exclusive fashion statement for any woman who carries them. With a branded handbag in hand, a woman not only expresses her fashion choice to others, but also conveys the fashion class she belongs to.

There are wide selection and great range of luxury, designer bags available in distinctive sizes, colours and styles in the market. While having a wide range of products as your option is an opportunity, it makes the selection a challenging task. Since your exclusive handbag choice can make you the centre of attention in any crowd, it is very important to choose the right handbag keeping your status and personality in mind.

The following are some tips to look out for before you select your fashionable, trendy handbag:

Material – It is important to focus on the material before you get set to buy it. There are numbers of materials available such as plastic, satin, canvas and leather. You can choose according to the durability of the material and the event. For instance, if you are purchasing the handbag to go on a party, than a small, classy bag with enough room for keeping your lipstick, wallet, etc. could be the perfect choice. On the other hand, a simple, sophisticated handbag is the perfect selection if you are a working lady.

Colour – Choosing the right colour is as important as choosing the material. Keep your dress and other accessories in mind to choose a matching or complementing handbag that looks good overall. You can also choose colours according to weather. If it is spring, choose colours such as blue, green, pink, yellow, etc.

Fashion Trend – Last but not the least, do not divert your focus from the current fashion trend. If you know what you are buying, you will end up with the perfect handbag for you.

Keeping in mind these simple tips, you can surely become the trendy leading lady for the upcoming seasons.

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Wedding Bands, Rings are an integral part of any Wedding!

Wedding is one of the most exciting and interesting events in one’s life. It is the culmination of one’s love into a lifetime relationship where one intends to stay together irrespective of the ups and downs in the married life, as one of the marriage vows aptly states “in sickness and in health, till death do us apart”! Weddings are happy occasion where all you near and dear one, your friends and colleagues get together to share your special day. Both the Bride and the Groom are excited and happy. The Bride is more happy as she can flaunt her choicest of jewelry items on her special day. And the most special of all the jewelry items are the wedding bands that are exchanged between the couple.


The tradition of exchanging wedding bands is age old. It has its roots in the Roman Empire when a band exchanged between two partners symbolized the sense of belonging to another and it stood for a contract between these two partners who have agreed to spend of their lives together. However with the passage of time the entire concept has changed. Today it signifies the never ending trust and love between the two partners. The roundness of the band expresses the never ending love between the couples.

The Victorian Era played a significant role in highlighting the importance of a wedding band. In this era people have the freedom to choose their partner. Arranged marriage became less frequent and Love marriage dominated the scene. However it was after World War I that the bands took the new meaning.

Trends in Wedding Bands:

With the passage of time, besides the symbolism, the patterns and styles of the bands also changed. While the most popular metals are still gold, silver or platinum but new types of metals have also made inroads in to the world of jewelry items. The trends and styles in fashion jewelry have evolved a lot as is evident from the different collections and varieties available. Don’t forget that that it is best to complement the band with the engagement rings so that there is sync between the two. Although it is not compulsory neither necessary but many couples by their band that are similar in look and feel. But for those wishing to exchange different bands in the latest styles and trends one can check out the following:

  • Wedding bands that is stacked upon one another to give the impression that one is wearing multiple bands.
  • Bands that are made up of two or three different types of metals such as white gold, platinum and palladium.
  • Bands that have intricate work or patterns like weaves or braids
  • Then those that have multi colored stones in them for a vibrant and vivacious look.
  • Eternity-style bands or bands that have multiple diamonds encrusted on them.
  • Customized bands with a personal note or initials of the couple’s name.

However keep in mind that if you are opting for customization and personalization of the wedding bands then do so with ample time to spare and not a few days before your D-Day. This will ensure that it is not a last minute work.

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Eight Highly Effective Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Beauty products abound, but most of them are full of chemicals and non-renewable ingredients. It can be difficult to find something that isn’t a danger to the environment. The problem with choosing natural options is that they don’t always work as well as the chemical ones.


Anyone striving to live a greener life will want beauty products to match their lifestyle. After all, it’s the details in life that make the difference. However, you also want something that does what it says it will. Here are eight products that do their job while staying eco-friendly.

1. Tata Harper All Natural Resurfacing Mask

With a base of pink clay, the resurfacing mask really gets the job done. It combines orange blossom and white willow extracts with several other natural ingredients to remove dull, dead skin and give your face a brighter look. If you’re not sure you want to invest in a large container, consider getting one of the smaller versions to test. The large jar will last approximately three months if you use it the recommended twice a week.

2. Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick

Everyone has a blemish at some point in their lives. Don’t let it get out of hand or resort to chemicals. Burt’s Bees blemish stick uses just a handful of natural ingredients, including salicylic acid derived from willow bark and tea tree oil. Apply two or three times a day to emerging zits.

One of the biggest benefits to the blemish stick is that it gets rid of redness very quickly.

3. Desert Essence Organics Thickening & Volumizing Shampoo

Desert Essence shampoo is made with natural ingredients that include the likes of jojoba oil, nettle extract and sea kelp. The combination of ingredients nourishes your hair. It is also sulfate free and doesn’t contain waxes which could adversely affect the environment.

4. Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion

Trying to avoid sunburn this summer? Then you’ll want to stay bronzed with Lavera’s all natural tanning lotion. It contains macadamia nut oil for a great looking tan that won’t burn.

5. Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush

This natural blush can be used on cheeks or eyes. It is more than just color, however. You’ll also get anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the inclusion of frankincense. The blush also contains lotus flowers to calm and moisturize the skin, as well as a number of other nourishing ingredients.

6. Yes to Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter

Well hydrated lips make a difference in how young you look. C Me Smile Lip Butter comes in a tube so it’s easy to apply. The butter contains actual shea butter, carrot extract, coconut oil and jojoba seed oil, all of which help create soft, pouty lips.

7. Beauty Without Cruelty Ultimate Natural Soft Kohl Eye Pencil

For adding a little pop around your eyes, you can’t go wrong with the eco-friendly eye pencil from BWC. It’s cruelty free and has never been tested on animals.

8. Clark’s Botanicals Skin Clearing Face & Body Wash

After a long day of pollution, a shower with this body wash will make a big difference. It helps remove blemishes all over the body and encourages the body to produce new skin cells while washing away the old ones. It contains willow bark extract to reduce redness of the skin.

Each of these products performs its task well. You may end up paying a little more than usual for the natural versions of moisturizers and other beauty products, but it’s well worth it.

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Top Tips: Is Varicose Veins Ruining Your Dress and Skirt Days?

We must admit it; we love our dress up days and summer shorts. But there are just those factors that ruin everything. Just when everything is perfect in life, you lose the weight you gained, you attained a glowing skin and you have finally a good hair day, spider veins become noticeable and your summer plans has been dampened.

So what to do? Of course remedy them. But hey, they aren’t that easy to shoo away. They aren’t pimples and they aren’t your hair. So better be prepared and keep calm. So first check our little fact sheet below.


Introduction to Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

Varicose veins and spider veins happens because pools of blood fails to circulate in the blood properly. Right then the veins bulges. These conditions commonly appears in the legs and the thighs but can possibly be developing everywhere in the body.

The large veins are called the varicose veins while the smaller ones are called the spider veins. The latter is medically known as the telangiectasias.

Who Is Affected by the Varicose and Spider Veins

The two conditions can be present in men and women. But then due to the child bearing condition of women, they tend to develop it while pregnant. The conditions are also experienced by older people. It is most common if you have a family history of it already. Other reasons why conditions affect you are:

  • Standing for a long time
  • You gain weight
  • You bear a child/ pregnant
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Inflammation of veins
  • Clotting of blood
  • Hereditary or inborn vein abnormalities

Why Women Hates Varicose and Spider Veins

It is as obvious as the sun but then let’s discuss it away. These veins that bulge tend to be unsightly and dampens your fashion sense. If ever affected by it, a woman’s choice is to wear a very thick stockings or wear pants all the time. Say goodbye to skirts, dresses and shorts.

Symptoms of these conditions can be fatigue, itching as well as aching, cramping plus the swelling of the legs or the part of the body that is affected. So it doesn’t affect you only aesthetically, but emotionally as well. See for example you get fatigued and cramping for the whole day, isn’t that emotionally draining as well?

Another reason why it’s as bad psychologically and emotionally is it dampens your self esteem and ruins yourself image. You may result to self pity in the end.

But hey, don’t despair. Varicose veins and spider veins may just be prevented. Here are the following tips for that.

Tips in preventing Vein Bulges in the Legs

  1. Do not sit or stand for a long time. Move around and take a break from time to time.
  2. Make sure you keep your blood circulating. Avoid actions or positions that may cause poor blood flow. Elevating legs as well as crossing and re-crossing at the course of your work will help.
  3. Alternate low and high hells. If you can’t let go of high heels, then at least try to alternate it from time to time with flats or low heeled shoes.
  4. Use sunscreen and use compression hose if you are up for it. The sunscreen will prevent veins from appearing. Compression hose will prevent it too.
  5. Eat healthy, live healthy. Eat a proper diet and exercise more. Keep it a routine.

But what if you haven’t done anything to prevent it? A leg vein treatment might just be your answer to that.

Leg Vein Treatment for Varicose and Spider Veins

As I have said the compressions stocking will work, but it can also be a supplement or the leg vein treatment. These treatments may include sclerotherapy, surface laser treatments, endovenous techniques, and surgery.

The sclerotherapy is the procedure wherein a chemical or medication is injection in the affected vein. After a few weeks these veins may fade. To achieve best results, it should be done every 4 to six weeks.

IPL on the other hand may also help as well. But this can be limited to some people only because it chooses skin types as well as colors.

Endovenous procedure makes use of the radiofrequency and laser treatment. This requires local anesthesia and closes the affected vein off.

Surgery on the other hand makes use of several techniques in the process. Pin stripping, phlebectomy, and ligation to mention.

So with these treatments it isn’t far that you can wear your dresses and skirts again without worrying about unsightly vein bulges. So have you had any experience with this? Which remedy worked for you? Share it with us here!

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How to Look Fabulous After a Long Flight

Vacations and travels are always the best way to unwind. It is the best way to see some greens and purge your soul of some modernization. A travel to the Pacific beaches or any other countries In Europe is as exciting as finding a new gift. But then, the catch is, the travel for the vacation seems to be tiresome because of your flight schedule.


So yes, to be able to go to a splendid vacation away from home, you need to endure a 12 hour flight in a cramped plane with fellow passengers snoring. A plane flight and a 12 hour at that is the ultimate style and beauty killer.

What Happens During the Long Flight

During the long flight you might experience some dryness in your skin. Plus it can fatigue you and make you feel tired. It can also lend some tired and dark circles under your eyes. Another thing is you will be having some frizzy hair after the flight.

Your clothes and comfort too seems to be an issue here. You just can’t go in there in a mile high heels or strap on a tight fitting dress. That isn’t comfortable. When dressing remember the long hours in the plane. So for your short and ultimate guide, see it below.

Looking Plane Fabulous

1. Remember to bring in a moisturizer or sprits. This will lend some moisture in your face and hair and will help you avoid dryness. Spray it before the flight, during the flight and after boarding out of the plane.

2. Choose comfy yet stylish clothes. You can pair a nice leggings or yoga pants (they are less tiring than a pair of jeans) with a comfy boots and an over-sized blouse. You can have a different blouse before boarding and just change it before deplaning. If you can observe, this is the usual get up your favorite celebrities always have. After deplaning, sport on huge sunglasses.

3. Eat some food that is light on the stomach. This won’t bloat you. Drink lots of water and remember to relax.

4. Try to get as much sleep as you can. This can be essential in lending you a still fresh look after the flight.

5. Style your hair in a go getter manner. Have it in a messy French twist or held it high in a ponytail. You can of course hang it loose but then the bun and the twist are still a classy way to get out of the plane.

If you are not convinced yet, you can try seeing some style that your favorite celebrities are sporting. You can steal their style or just add or subtract something from their pieces. Plus carry a medium sized bag that will be as fab as your outfit. Or you may try skin rejuvenation for younger looking skin.

All in all, the get up will look good with all the confidence that you will be inspiring. Walk like a queen and be as dainty as a princess. Plane fabulous tips, anyone?

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