All You Need To Know About Pre Workout Supplement Ingredients

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you drop the weights before the end of a lifting series, instead of doing one extra lift off? If your mind is wandering, or you are distracted, or simply cannot endure throughout the whole series, one thing is certain. Your preparation is bad. No, I’m not talking about warming up; I’m talking about proper nutrition prior to the exercises. It is equally important to have a quality meal intake, in order to be successful in your training. These are some of the ingredients you wish to include in your pre-workout preparation, in order to maximize the results.


Amino acids

Usually found in food such as meat and eggs, these important add-ons are crucial for your muscle renewal and rebuilding. Specifically, branched chain amino acids will help you digest food faster, and how workout is basically tearing up your muscle, and then let it regrow with proteins, it is clear that these ingredients will speed up that process, so the results will be achieved in shorter notice. Pay attention especially, I used to take a bit higher concentration of amino-based supplements prior to my “max day”, the one where there is no number of repetitions, but pushing it to the limit, just go as far as you can. This is particularly stressful, and you need to think a bit in advance. You will be thankful when amino acids kick in, boosting your muscle regrowth ability.


Yeah, I admit it; I’m a coffee person myself. I have dropped this habit when I started working out, but soon I’ve learned that caffeine is actually good for pre-workout preparation. Most of us knew that it gives us an energy boost, kick-starting our focus point and increasing mind abilities, but did you knew that it also helps soothing up the pain? The one point where you feel your muscles burning is called “pain barrier”, and a lot of people are giving up once they hit it. Caffeine helps to smash that barrier, and to prolong reaping the results. But rather than from coffee or some other form of drink, you can find it in a form of a pill, so you can dose it properly, and what’s best; it is faster ingested this way.


Being at the top of the list of used supplements, it’s no wonder we couldn’t bypass this add-on. Simply, it gives you strength. Increased strength gives the power to carry on, and to maximize the final result. Pumping up muscle mass is quite easier with this supplement. What’s best, creatine is so popular, that you can find it anywhere. A lot of companies, from supplements based in Sydneyto those set in New York are giving their best to improve the quality of their products. For us as consumers, bigger competition means lower prices, and higher quality.

Energy boosters

Here I’m not talking about energy drinks. Those are usually high on sugar, and you don’t want that in your diet. I’m thinking more of the ingredients found in energy drinks. Taurine, among others will energize your entire body and muscles as well, so you will be able to push the limit further. It remains to be determined how actually how taurine helps, but one of the assumptions says that in increases the amount of blood coursing through the muscles, thus increasing oxygen and glucose level within muscle tissue cells. Glucose is fuel for the muscle, while oxygen helps burn it, so clearly, you will endure for longer period of intensive workout.

Tart cherry

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this. Usually used in pies, this nature’s treasure had shown remarkable characteristics. By helping with reduction of inflammations, it gives you bigger endurance level, thus helping you to push the limit even further. Very similar to ibuprofen, it will soothe up the pain and reduce the drawbacks of tearing up the muscle.

So, with everything said taken into consideration, feel free to take into count all mentioned above, and to come up with whole new preparation, and eventually, way better results. Trust me, your hard work needs good results.

Linda Ward is a writer and nutrition specialist. She mostly writes about natural health tips, ways to eat healthy and fitness. Get in touch with Linda on Twitter @lindaeward.

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