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Applying Lipsticks - How to Apply Lipstick

Lip sticks come in a variety of colours. The colour chosen should harmonise not only with the rest of the make up but also with your attire and skin colour. You can find lipsticks in traditional tubes, pots, pencils, and even wands with innovative designs emerging daily. While color selection is a personal choice, current fashion trends also play a big part in influencing a woman's choice of lipstick.

Tips on Applying Lipstick

  • First prime your lips with a good base of foundation and powder to remove all color from your lips.
  • When applying lipcolor, don't go outside your actual lip. If you do, you might get a clown-type effect.
  • Using a lip brush will give you a more professional look. Just swipe the brush over the lipcolor you want (be it a lipstick or pot, doesn't matter) and apply after lipliner. But if you're in a rush, this may not be the best idea.
  • Want a certain lip shade you don't have? If you have a few lip colors already, you may be surprised to find what kinds of great new colors you can get by mixing certain current colors.
  • Apply lighter shades of lipstick for the appearance of fuller lips, and darker colors if you want your lips to look smaller(thinner).
  • If you wear braces, but don't like them, you might find lip gloss to work better than lipstick if you don't want to draw so much attention there.


Always use cold cream to remove lipsticks as this will help to soften and condition lips. After removing lipstick always dab on a bit of moisturizer.

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