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Applying Foundation - How to apply foundation - Application Tips

facial foundation plays an important role in skin treatment, but it is also the facial cosmetic most likely to be problematic. Foundation should match your skin tone. Foundation is always applied downwards, to minimize the impact of facial hair. Foundation should never appear like a mask. The shade chosen should be as close to your natural skin tone, so that there is no sudden change of colours between Chin and neck.

How to apply foundation

1.Take out a small blob of foundation on the palm of your hand. As foundation dries up fast, dot foundation section by section on the face.

2. Start by dotting on the forehead and blend well with a damp sponge on fingers before moving on.

3. Now do it on your cheeks, then chin, nose and upper neck.

Foundation Types

To make it easier for you to determine the type that's best for you, we have placed foundations into four major categories:

Liquid foundations usually offer sheer coverage and provide a natural look. Most women prefer a liquid foundation because it is easy to apply and fits like a "second skin". These are packaged in bottles and can be formulated for all skin types. They give a light sheen cover but are too light to cover any blemishes and scars.

Cream foundations are traditionally the number one choice of makeup artists. These are packed in jars. As they contain a high proportion of oils, they are particularly suitable for dry skins. These also provide a heavy cover, but gives a glossy finish. They are usually available in compacts or sticks, and provide very good coverage.

These are packaged in squeeze tubes. They give a light, natural look and are the variety you should use if you have a blemish free normal skin.

These are the solid forms of foundation. Since they have a drying effect, use them on an oily skin . They hide blemishes and scars. Solid forms are popular for photographic and stage work but are too heavy for every day use.


Rubbing ice over face before applying foundation makes it stay for long

Foundation Applying Tips

  • Don't apply more than two layers of foundation at once (or don't blame us if you 'melt' as the day goes on.

  • Always work from the face outwards, to avoid an accumulation of the foundation around the hairline - move from the cheeks to the ears, from the temples up and out to the hairline, from between the brows down over the nose, from the chin outwards the jaw, then onto the neck.

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