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Applying Eyeshadow - How to apply eye shadow

To achieve the perfect daytime look with eye shadow, you need to follow some basic guidelines. Your eyes are the focal point of your face. Be sure that your eye makeup techniques and choice of colors are most flattering to your eye shape and color.
The basic tones you need are

(a) a pale highlighter shade for your brow bone area. 
(b) a basic shade for your eyelids.

When applying eyeshadow sweep the lightest shade over the entire area from lash line to brow. This shade will be your base color and is to your eye, what your foundation is to your face. It will hold your color and prevent creasing. Get tips here on applying eyeshadows and learn in what all different forms the come.

How to Apply Eye Shadow

When you apply eye shadow, always start with the highlighter shade. Brush it just under the outer end of each eyebrow and quickly blend the colour inward toward the inner end of the eyebrow, above the inner corner of the eye. After that apply the eyelid shadow by beginning in the centre of each lid, just above the pupil of your eye. With a blending brush, make a quick back and forth motion. Finish the make up by blending upward to meet the highlighter shade. 

  1. Select a light base shadow. Using a shadow brush, sweep it across your entire lid, from brow to lash line.
  2. Prime the eyelids by dusting them with a small amount of loose powder.
  3. Blend shadow by stroking the lid gently with an eye shadow brush. Don't use your finger you could wipe off the shadow entirely.
  4. Use a medium-toned shade to cover your lower lids.
  5. Use a cosmetic puff and a little pressed powder to tone down heavy shadow. Shake any excess powder off the puff, then press it gently on your lid.
  6. Contour the crease of your eyelid with a dark shade, using a smaller eye shadow brush.
  7. Choose three shades in the same color family - light, medium and a darker shade for contrast.
  8. Apply the lightest shade on the entire lid from brow to lash line.

Eye Shadow Applying Tips

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 1: Before using eye shadows on the lids, always test the colours on the back of the hand to see the intensity. Remember, pale tones emphasize, while deep sooty shades define.

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 2: Choose a primary colour (the colour you want to stand out the most) and use short strokes to cover your whole eyelid.

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 3: The colours should get progressively lighter as they are stacked above your eyes.

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 4: Apply just enough pressure to lay the colour down without caking it onto your lids. Be especially careful not get too close to the crease or your eyebrows.

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 5: Sparingly apply a lighter eye shadow colour above your primary colour and below your eyebrow. You should be able to cover the entire area in one sweep.

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 6: To give your eyes a 'smoky' look, choose a dark blue, grey or black eye shadow and brush it around the outer corners of your eyes and blend it into your primary eyeliner. Don't stray further than a quarter inch away from your eyes.

Different Forms of Eye Shadows

  • Pressed Powders
  • Loose Powder
  • Creams
  • Sticks
  • Liquids

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