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How to Plan your Own Home Gym on Low Funds?

If you’re one of them who hates the idea of work out in gyms, but still want to lose weight in the comfort and privacy of your own home, then this is the right article that you’re reading. You can plan your private gym on low fund if you follow some of the important points given below.


Here are 5 effective workout equipments that you can keep in your private gym without burning a hole in the pocket:

1. Kettlebells: 

Kettlebells are bells are perfect as it is an alternative form of cadio. A beginner can start with a 12 Kg kettlebell for women  and men can start with a 16kg kettlebell. This equipment may not cost you more than $60 to $70.

2. Skipping Rope: 

This is another excellent equipment for private gym and the biggest advantage is that it doesn’t require much space. This is considered to be the cheapest investment one can ever dream of.

3. Sandbags: 

This is considered to be the cheapest gym equipment. If your funds are limited, you can effortlessly sandbags for effective result. You can make this gym equipment on your own. In order to make this gym equipment, you need to buy sand as well as soil. You need combine both and make it 30 kgs. Your last work is to place the sand and soil mixture in the bag and use an electric tape to make your own sandbag. It may not even cost more than $5 to make your own gym equipment. The sandbag is effective as well as cheap for your own private gym.
4. Resistance Tubing: 

Most of the people are unaware of this workout equipment when setting up a home gym. It looks fragile but it can provide proper resistance. However, the resistance can range from the light range to heavy duty. It is one of the most cheapest equipment, so it can be beneficial for your home gym.

Therefore, you can consider the four low budget equipments mentioned above when you’ve limited fund to set up a private gym in your home.

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