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How to Look Fabulous After a Long Flight

Vacations and travels are always the best way to unwind. It is the best way to see some greens and purge your soul of some modernization. A travel to the Pacific beaches or any other countries In Europe is as exciting as finding a new gift. But then, the catch is, the travel for the vacation seems to be tiresome because of your flight schedule.


So yes, to be able to go to a splendid vacation away from home, you need to endure a 12 hour flight in a cramped plane with fellow passengers snoring. A plane flight and a 12 hour at that is the ultimate style and beauty killer.

What Happens During the Long Flight

During the long flight you might experience some dryness in your skin. Plus it can fatigue you and make you feel tired. It can also lend some tired and dark circles under your eyes. Another thing is you will be having some frizzy hair after the flight.

Your clothes and comfort too seems to be an issue here. You just can’t go in there in a mile high heels or strap on a tight fitting dress. That isn’t comfortable. When dressing remember the long hours in the plane. So for your short and ultimate guide, see it below.

Looking Plane Fabulous

1. Remember to bring in a moisturizer or sprits. This will lend some moisture in your face and hair and will help you avoid dryness. Spray it before the flight, during the flight and after boarding out of the plane.

2. Choose comfy yet stylish clothes. You can pair a nice leggings or yoga pants (they are less tiring than a pair of jeans) with a comfy boots and an over-sized blouse. You can have a different blouse before boarding and just change it before deplaning. If you can observe, this is the usual get up your favorite celebrities always have. After deplaning, sport on huge sunglasses.

3. Eat some food that is light on the stomach. This won’t bloat you. Drink lots of water and remember to relax.

4. Try to get as much sleep as you can. This can be essential in lending you a still fresh look after the flight.

5. Style your hair in a go getter manner. Have it in a messy French twist or held it high in a ponytail. You can of course hang it loose but then the bun and the twist are still a classy way to get out of the plane.

If you are not convinced yet, you can try seeing some style that your favorite celebrities are sporting. You can steal their style or just add or subtract something from their pieces. Plus carry a medium sized bag that will be as fab as your outfit. Or you may try skin rejuvenation for younger looking skin.

All in all, the get up will look good with all the confidence that you will be inspiring. Walk like a queen and be as dainty as a princess. Plane fabulous tips, anyone?

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