How To Get Over To The Toughest Phase – Depression

Depression is dangerous and can drain a person most of the energy. There are phases that depression makes a person go through. These phases can be hard and difficult. Recovery can be difficult. Self-help or getting help or assistance from a physician or counselor is important. The manner or way people view and cope with depression is different.


Denial and Isolation

The cause of depression is likely to be an accumulation of grief in a person. The loss of a member of the family through death may cause this to an individual. The emotions become overwhelming. Acceptance of facts as they are is impossible. The stage can, however, help a person to get rid of the initial pain after the occurrence of an event. It is important and vital to note that a person mostly feels alone and avoids associating with friends, relatives or other people. In this stage, one should be advised to mingle or even interact with people. With some people around, one may feel better and feel motivated to move on. However, this is hard for most people. They hate talking about the situation.



Anger comes in when the facts begin to get real in the mind of the individual. After denying of things happening and isolating themselves, they realize that something happened. The pain then reemerges before anger. The person gets emotions that are real and is angry about things that happened. One may direct the anger to the people around. It is rational not to judge such people as the period goes away with time. People may also feel resentment towards others. In this stage, talking to a counselor or physicians is a good and advisable option.


Guilt then comes in when an individual who is depressed now feels that they should blame for things that happened to them. They feel that the people around them feel the same around them, and this may not be true. The emotions and anger in a person are what leads to such feelings. They may feel they made someone leave them. This stage is very dangerous as one may even get or feel suicidal. The person may also feel guilt about their anger and resenting others especially friends and relatives. At this stage, doctor or physician consultation is essential. They have advice and can prescribe drugs that are helpful. You should explain every detail of the situation to the doctor. You should also ask for more sessions if you feel it is what you need.


In the stage, one feels that they should regain control. It is a way of preventing ourselves from the reality and the happenings that have passed. One may even be more prayerful and deal with God or other higher powers in the attempts to postpone things that are inevitable. You react this way when you especially feel hopeless, helpless and vulnerable, and this is normal. In this stage, sessions with a doctor are essential. Of one thinks they should change the doctor, they should do so. The aim or the idea is to get help to get over the depression.


During this stage, the acceptance of things happening, those that happened, and those we can’t change or have control of begins to draw in us. If one has left us, we worry how survival would be like to live away from them or without them. Worrying in the stage is very common. We need that time to tell ourselves that things happened. You need the time to try convincing yourself to let go. In the stage, it is essential to be close to friends or loved ones. Talk to them and let them hold or hug you for as long as you need them.


The acceptance stage is not reached or afforded by everyone. Those who can afford it, do so by acquiring help right from the earlier stages. Some people do not go beyond denial and anger, and this is unfortunate as the effects can be harmful and devastating both physically and emotionally, and not forgetting health. One needs to be brave in accepting of all facts. Friends and family need to show and give support.



Getting over depression stages is difficult for some people. With realization of the need to get help, it should be made easier. The phases are hard to go through but are inevitable. However getting to acceptance is hard but is achievable.





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