How to Apply Face Makeup

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How to apply face makeup? This is a question that many of us have been asking ourselves and even from others. There are tricks and imagination power when it comes to applying makeup over face. You have to learn to apply lipstick, eye makeup, base makeup and so much more to complete the face makeup. So without any further delay, let’s begin with the process.

Preparation before makeup

Before you learn how to apply face makeup, you must know the things that are to be done before it. Wash the face thoroughly and use a good moisturizer to moisturize the skin. Make sure that the moisturizer is non greasy. Pat the face dry before applying it. Do a slight massage with moisturizer and apply acne ointment in case you have acne problem. Wait for few minutes and then apply antibacterial cream over blemishes. You are then done with preparation part.

Base makeup

First apply concealer all over the face. Apply small dots of it and blend it well. This would hide face marks and dark circles. Then apply foundation of the exact same skin tone that you have. Never apply a shade lighter than your skin tone as it looks odd. Finally, apply loose powder to make the base makeup last for long time. Keep the loose powder with you to give touch ups in the whole day.

Eye makeup

This one is tricky. In eye makeup, you must make proper use of brushes and always use blend brush so as to apply makeup properly. Apply three-toned shades in eye shadow (Cosmetics4Less recommends Bourjois Eye Shadow.) and blend the three colors very well. Apply thin layer of eyeliner and then complete eye makeup with mascara application.

Cheek makeup

For this, you need to apply blush on. It is always recommended to apply natural shades in blush on. Pinks, oranges, golden and peach are classic colors and you must stick to them. Apply with a blush on brush over the apples of cheeks. As for direction, follow from inside to outer side of cheeks.

Lip makeup

Choose lipstick shade that goes with you attire. First apply moisturizing lipstick and then underline the lips with lip liner of the same shade of the lipstick you wish to apply.  Then the lipstick with lipstick brush properly. End the process by shining lip gloss application of same shade.

Video for Instructions on how to Apply Day Make up

So this is the process of how to apply face makeup. Shopping online for cosmetics is a fantastic way to save some extra money. Check out Cosmetics4Less, cosmetics to find makeup products at bargain price.

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