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How Often Should You Check Thyroid Levels?

As the gland with the primary control over the metabolic rate of the cells in the body, the thyroid deserves a lot of attention. Unfortunately, many people who are suffering from thyroid abnormalities often ignore the signs that indicate that something is wrong with the gland. Hence, they only discover that something is wrong when their thyroid condition is already complicated. There are certain things that can be done to ensure that the thyroid gland will remain healthy such as maintaining a healthy diet which is rich in minerals that are essential to support the gland. Exercise and a stress-free lifestyle can also help in keeping the gland in good working order.

Preventive Thyroid Screening

If you have been living normally without any problems concerning your thyroid and no one in your family has a history of having thyroid problems, then you can stay cautious by checking your thyroid levels around the age of 30. This is especially recommended for females because they are more vulnerable to thyroid-related problems based on the reported incidence of hyper and hypothyroidism. Going for a follow up check on your thyroid levels is ideal every five years. Making it part of your annual physical exam is also a great idea.

On the other hand, if someone in your family has a history of thyroid malfunction, checking your thyroid levels in your 20’s is a good idea. This is also recommended if you are showing symptoms of having thyroid problems. There are actually females who are in their early 20’s or late teens who are experiencing symptoms of a thyroid imbalance. It is vital to discover if you are developing any imbalance while it is still early. Changes in your lifestyle and eating habits can be a powerful tool when you are trying to correct your thyroid hormone levels irrespective of age but early detection can save you from taking medication for your thyroid problem.

Thyroid Level Check For People With Hypothyroidism

While it is important for individuals with no thyroid imbalance to start screening when they reach a certain age, those who have been diagnosed with thyroid disorders should be sure to visit their doctors at regular intervals. For people with hypothyroidism who are taking hormone replacement medication, regular visits to the doctor is important until optimum levels are reached. Usually, a patient needs to visit a doctor from 6 to 8 weeks after the initial dose of hormone replacement medicines are given. For the first two years after the optimum dosage of your hormone replacement medicines are established, a doctor will usually recommend a visit for testing every 6 months during the first two years. After that lapse of time, an annual check up to monitor the condition of an individual is needed to check whether the medication is still effective and to know the current thyroid levels.

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