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Yoga stretches and tones the body, improving the functioning of muscles and joints. The spine becomes more flexible and the excerises also work on the internal organs, the glands and the nerves. Yoga ha sbeen practised in India for thousands of years and is the worlds most ancient system of personal development. The word 'yoga' means joining - the joining of the self to brahman, the unchanging reality. Personal preconceptions and the clutter of everyday life are shed in a purification of mind and body which gives freedom from time and space.

One of the most important things about yoga is that it enables you to relax. It is possible to be tense all te time and not known it - even to lie rigidly in bed, grimly awaiting sleep, without realizing that mind and body are merely galvanized for the sound of the alarm clock and the next headlong rush into action. Try consciously tensing and relaxing your muscles to see just how to keyed up you are.

Exercise and Yoga

The exercise of yoga consists of getting into and out of series of your reach gradually and should never be forced. After a session of yoga you should feel both relaxed and full of energy, not exhausted and strained. Breathing is important to help you more correctly.

In performing the following sequence of 12 asanas, do not worry if you cannot get into some of the positions at first. You will be able to in time. Imagine yourself forming the shapes described by the illustrations even if you cannot achieve them.

The sun Salutation


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