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Quit cigarettes, keep excess pounds at bay

Quit cigarettes, keep excess pounds at bay

You don't need to hang on to a cigarette to keep your weight in check. Read on to see how you can look slim without lighting up.

It's a common sight to see models and young girls smoking in order to remain slim. Unfortunately after a few years, they can't quit smoking even if they want to because their bodies have got accustomed to nicotine stimulation. Some girls also fear that they will become obese after giving up smoking. This is because after one kicks the habit, their taste buds improve and they tend to enjoy their food more. This leads to eating larger quantities.

Biologically too, after giving up smoking the basal metabolic rate goes down and the body burns fewer calories. Also many people start binging on snacks in order to resist the temptation of smoking.

Tips for weight loss

But giving up smoking is a very healthy thing to do. So, don't worry about gaining weight, just follow these tips which will put the extra pounds at bay.

1. Plan your meals, make sure they have the required amount of calories and then strictly adhere to the diet.

2. Avoid sweets and foods made of cream, maida, ghee and oil.

3. Exercise regularly. You can do yoga, brisk walk etc.

4. Drink more water.

5. Chew two to three pudina leaves after meals.

6. If you are feeling nauseated eat a hard fruit like a guava, apple or pear.

7. Be proud of the fact that you have given up smoking.

8. Maintain a distance from other smokers until you are confident that you can resist temptation.

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