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Exercise - Fitness Excerise and Workout for Woman

The point of excercising is to keep the body in good working order so that it will remain fit and last longer. Fitness excercise keeps the muscles firm and strong and makes the heart pump blood more efficiently round the body. The lungs expand fully, drawing in more oxygen. The arteries are enlarged and stregthened. Blood pressure goes down, as does the concentration of bloos fats. Adrenalin, built up by stress is dispersed. Not only exercise reduce the risk of a heart attack, it makes you physically and mentally alert and improves your ability to relax.

In short, Fitness exercise is good for you, especially for womens. But it is good for you only if you enjoy it. Punishing forms of excerice, intended to thrash the reluctant body into fitness, would not succeed if they make you miserable. The best unfit, begin gently, not expecting too much of yourself, and gradually build up your strength and energy untill you can push yourself a little harder and enjoy it.

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises - those that involve processing oxygen efficiently through the body, such as running, rowing, swimming and cycling are much better for body maintenance than anaerobic exercises, which involve very vigorous bursts of activity that will leave you exhausted. Anaerobic exercises are sports such as squash, tennis and sprinting. The kind of excercise that is best for overall fitness involves a sustained effort. And aerobic exercises are the best possible training if you want to succeed at anaerobic sports.

Other forms of exercise include ballet and yoga and involves graceful and rythmic movements that develop the suppleness of the body, the tone of the muscles and the lubrication of the joints.


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