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Hair Loss - Treatment for excessive hair loss

Hiar Loss

Normally about 100 hairs will be lost from the head each day. If your hair-loss is more severe then the first thing to do id check your diet. Your hair will never be luxuriant if your diet is poor. Try to get plently of fresh air and excercise, as well as lots of sleep.

Use a comb, not a brush. Slightly more hair-loss in spring and autumn is quite natural.

Keep your hair short - it will look further and will prevent the weight of long hair from causing more of it to fall out.

See your doctor or a trichologist if you are upset by the problem of hair loss.

Split and Broken Hair

If you rhair is in very bad condition an dgiven to splitting and breaking, the cause may be excessive perming or bleeching. Or it may be careless use of heated styling appliances or severe exposure to a merciless sun. Breaks and splits can never be mended, your hair will need a good professional cut and regular trimming until new growth has replaced the damaged hair.

In the meantime, treat your hair gently and give it a weekly deep conditioning treatment to restore its shine and disquise the worst of the damage. If you wish to perm or color your hai yourself at this stage, take care to follow the manufactures instructions.

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