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Beautiful stylish, glossy, shining hairs are anyone's best friend. Be it a woman or a man or a teenager. A hair consists of two components - the hair-shaft which is outside the skin, and the hair-root which is embedded in the skin. The lowermost end of the hair-root is called the hair-bulb. The life-span of a hair can be anything from several months to several years, depending on how it is treated and how healthy the scalp and hair conditions are. Taking care of your hair involves keeping it clean and conditioned and choosing a hair style that suits you.

Hair Types

There are four types of hair -

  1. normal,
  2. greasy,
  3. dry
  4. greasy dry.

Normal hair is shiny yet not greasy, and fairly easy to manage.

Greasy hair looks good for a day or two after shampooing, but then quickly becomes lank.

Dry hair is difficult to control after shampooing, looks dull and has ends that are dry and split.

Greasy dry hair is usually fairly long and the hair nearest the scalp is greasy while the ends are dry.

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