Get the Most out of your Workout with iForce Dexaprine

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If you still think that losing your love handles means exhausting yourself to death, then you clearly haven’t tried Dexaprine just yet, and trust me, now is the perfect time to. Two years ago, iForce came up with this one —

Dexaprine is specifically designed to help your body lose all unwanted and unnecessary fats at a faster rate while, at the same time, improving your energy level. This simply means that it works twice as good, the perfect 1-2 combo, so to speak.

First, Dexaprine’s unique formulation allows your body to burn fat faster. Then, as its fat loss ingredients actively lean out your body, Dexaprine’s energy enhancing ingredients kick in and supply your body with incredible amounts of energy that help conquer your workouts more efficiently, even in higher intensities. This in effect allows you, to be more efficient in cutting weight and in leaning out. Experience this perfect 1-2 punch fat loss combination that you could only achieve with Dexaprine.

It’s Not ALL About Fat Burners… But they Help!

Of course, we won’t so far as to say that you could be in your most desired shape and fitness level, all by using Dexaprine alone. Of course, we all know that that is a load of crap. As efficient as Dexaprine is as a fat loss supplement, it still is, after all, a fat loss supplement, not a magic potion that would instantly transform your body into a masterpiece of perfect curves and leaner muscles. For this transformation, you have to have to have enough training that starts in the kitchen and culminates in the gym. Always, remember that there are no shortcuts to a better body. Fitness is a lifestyle that you can’t cheat your way into.

However, there is such a thing as increasing your efficiency, especially in diet, in exercise, in weight training and in building a healthier and fitter body.

Eat a Natural Diet

By natural, we mean real foods that are grown by nature. While it is true that losing weight is not everything there is to building a better body, it definitely does not mean that you should continue stuffing your mouth with all the synthetic food-like products that the so called Western diet has offer.

If you want to start living a healthier lifestyle, then we suggest that now is the perfect time to stay away from 3-minute instant noodles, processed corn, artificial butter, fake oil, powdered juice, and every other synthetic food-stuff like these that are essentially garbage to your body. These products are referred to as junk foods for a reason.

Apart from their inability to provide your body with the nourishment that it needs, these artificial food-substances are often too alien for your body to handle. More often than not, these exogenous substances end up getting shelved away as stored fats – stored fats that often get you out of shape. If you really want to start practicing a healthier eating habit then you should start avoiding all these junk-foods. Among others, these are the things you should definitely be keeping away from: processed foods containing preservative such as nitrates, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup, and processed starch.

Instead, what you need is a balance diet that provides your body with healthy nourishment of proteins, carbohydrates, and macro nutrients. Start eating real foods, by this we mean of beef, pork, chicken, egg, fish, vegetable, whole grains, legumes and nuts. The human body is much more adapted to processing these nature grown foods as it has especially evolved to get its nourishment from these sources. If you want to start losing weight real soon, then we suggest that you start eating these weight-friendly foods: low glycemic fruits such as berries, pears, avocados, and apples, green leafy vegetables, seafoods, and poultry products

Have Varied Workouts

As it goes without saying that exercise makes for a crucial component in any fitness regimen, here are a few things that should make your workouts more efficient and more adapted to your fat loss or weight control endeavour.

First, before and after you workout, always make sure that you are properly hydrated. Water is among the most important nutrient in life and since around 58% of the human body is in fact water, being properly hydrated makes for many important body functions such as regulating body temperature, keeping the joints lubricated, and improving nutrient distribution. Apart from these, you might be interested to know that water, in fact, helps in the burning of fat.

Then when it comes to your workouts, it is always a good idea to do regular resistance training. In fact has proven to be very effective in keeping the body fit and healthy that the American College of Sports Medicine has recommended resistance training to all Americans since 1998.

Simply, resistance training is defined engaging the body to a finite amount of external resistance (such as weights, dumbbells, and your own body weight) that causes the muscles to contract. This in effect could increase the body’s strength, mass, and endurance. Engaging in regular resistance training is especially beneficial as it burns all the extra calories while building and maintaining leaner and toner muscles.

Don’t forget to Sprint Occasionally for Great Fat Loss!!

For best results, we recommend that together with resistance training, it is best that you rotate between low intensity steady state cardio (LISS)and high intensity interval training(HIIT). While low intensity steady state cardio might burn lesser calories with approximately 5kcal/min, it is crucial in improving endurance. Additionally, low intensity steady state cardio also allows you to get your heart rate up more often and more regularly than high intensity interval training, as the body can recover at faster pace when engaged in LISSC than with HIIT.

High intensity interval training, on the other hand, works better than LISSC in promoting caloric deficit that is necessary for fat loss. Approximately HIIT burns 15kcal/min, 3x as more than LISSC. However, as it takes longer time for the body to recover from HIIT, alternating it with LISSC will allow you to have a more frequent and varied cardiovascular workout.

With a healthy eating lifestyle, a more adaptive workout regimen, and Dexaprine, you should be able experience a more efficient way of losing weight. Get the most out of your diet and workout with iForce Dexaprine now.

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