Different Types of Nurses

It is pertinent to mention that there are different types of Nurses and this is based on various factors. Some groupings are based on function, others on regional requirements while some are based on qualification. This piece might not give you all there is but would do a good job to set the ball rolling. Enjoy the read.

1. Certified Nursing Assistants: These have the basic skill to work with Registered Nurses. They have the general knowledge in their field and can handle not so complex medical issues. Although often regarded as the lower types of nurses, they do often attend CNA schools in order to gain the necessary qualifications.

2. Women’s Health Nurses: They handle issues related to gynecology, reproductive health in Women and such like.

3. Urological Nurses: They are experts in issues that deal with oncology such as Kidney stones, Men’s sexual functions, etc.

4. Psychiatric Nurse: They handle patients that have been diagnosed with mental illness. This can be either on a personal basis or by their attachment to a psychiatric hospital.

5. Research Nurses: They work in laboratories and help carry out medical research to create new discoveries in the field of medicine.

6. Palliative Care Nurses: These help people in the final stages of their Terminal illness to live in the most comfortable situation before they pass.

7. Nurse Practitioner: These have advanced degrees in their field and can handle multiple cases of health challenges. They are more versed in the work they do.

8. Military Nurses: These work in the battlefield and sometimes volunteer for peacekeeping initiatives.

9. Geriatric Nurses: They take care of the Elderly and help to manage the challenges that might be associated with age.

10. Forensic Nurses: These come into play in crime related health issues. They play their role to resolve and manage the challenges that arise.

11. Educator Nurses: They train and equip other healthcare providers to handle their beats with knowledge and skill.

12. Agency Nurses: These worked based on a shift basis and are not fixed to any healthcare center. They work for an agency and are assigned to locations as the need for them arise.

13. Nurse Anesthetists: These work with other Medical personnel in the surgery room to administer drugs and other materials that facilitate a successful surgery.

14. School Nurses: They handle treatments for Students within the school premises. They treat common injuries that might arise from sports activities.

Before I mention more types of nurses, I would like to give a list that would cover much more groupings. This is to help you develop your knowledge and put you on the right part for further research. Here are some of them: Nephrology Nurses, Neuroscience Nurses, Critical Care Nurses, Cardiovascular Nurses and so much more. Some of these areas require specialization and appreciable years of experience to work in. Let us look at other types of nurses to help give you a fair view of this broad area of human endeavor.

14. Holistic Nurses: These work to provide care for both the mind and body. They ensure you are in the right spirits and use therapeutic methods to get you in great shape.

15. Nurses who deal on Informatics: These kind of Nurses can be referred to as the back-end group of Nurses. They create programs and Computer software that help other Medical personnel to handle and treat patients.

Generally, there are so many types of Nurses that have not being mentioned. However, with this foundation, you can see that you have a better understanding of some of the types of nurses that exist. Your personal findings would make you appreciate the role this unique career is making to our lives.

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