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Cleansing cream conciliatly dissolves soil from your skin. Cleansing creams are applied not only to raise the dust, but also to remove stale make-up. A cleansing cream or lotion is necessary for this. Icy winds also evanesce the complexion of your skin. But, earlier this it is essential to deep-cleanse your face. For deep-cleansing, take a cotton swab, dip it in water and squeeze it. Apply cleansing-milk and rub it completely on your face and neck. Do not use unheated milk that might result in opening up undesired pores on face.

Cleansing creams is made with a mixture of stearic acid, mineral oil, lanolin, teropenol, tri-ethanomine, propyline, glycol, and scent. Many well-known brands are: festivity, lakme, anne french and max-factor. Which cleansing cream you should use depends on your skin type and also on if you desire to use ready made face cleansers or you want to use home-made face cleansers. To prevent the lips from chapping, a light application of cold cream or vaseline on the lips is important before going to bed. Using chap stick also helps. If your skin is oily, then wash your face with soap only once a day.

Cleansing-cream must be used on face in case of a dry skin. For oily skin use skin-tonic. Do not wash your face with very warm water. Use of moisturizer remove dryness of the skin. Remember to massage your face with cold cream or skin-tonic before going to bed. Apply as little make-up as possible if you have pimples. Add a spoonful of olive oil to a pail of water for your bath. This also gives a glow to the skin.

How to make herbal skin cleansing cream?

  • Crush 1 oz. herb leaves or contusion 1 oz. flowers in 1 c. water.
  • Add 1 c. water and cover.
  • Bring to a boil gradually.
  • Simmer for about 3 minutes, then remove the mixture from heat and let it cool.
  • Melt 1 oz. lanolin and beeswax together use a double boiler.

Some homemade cleansing creams

  • Cucumber cleansing cream.
  • Almond cleansing cream.
  • Glycerine cleansing cream.
  • Oatmeal cleansing cream.
  • Rose petal cleansing cream.
  • Lemon cleansing cream.
  • Chamomile cleansing cream.

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