Tips​ ​for​ ​Women​ ​on​ ​Wearing​ ​Sneakers​ Outside the Gym

Why are women afraid to wear sneakers outside the gym or outside the typical errands that they do everyday? Sometimes people can fall into the false beliefs that every shoe has its ‘’moment’’, but this is not always true.

If you are a person who loves wearing sneakers, it doesn’t mean you can only wear them while you’re working out. Sneakers have thousands of possibilities that you may not always think of. Sneakers that are stylish and comfortable are totally appropriate to wear with jeans, skirts, dresses, or whatever you want. Here are some tips to consider when pairing your favorite outfits with sneakers:

The​ ​Perfect​ ​Length

How can you tell if your jeans are the perfect length? Well, the one thing you have to learn is that if you are wearing jeans and sneakers and your jeans are too long, you should roll them a few times so the shoes can be seen clearly.

Why? It’s easy, this trick will not only make your legs look longer, but it will make your sneakers become the main focus of your outfit. In addition, this trick will stylize your image and will give you a casual touch without ceasing the fanciness.

This is a good idea if you’re going on a casual date–you don’t want to over-do it, but you still want to look nice. Pair your jeans with some comfortable and cute sneakers, it gives off an effortless look, and doesn’t seem like you’re trying so hard.

Don’t​ ​Mix​ ​Too Many​ ​Colors

Wearing sneakers is totally okay, but don’t get too crazy with your outfit and be sure you choose the right colors. Sometimes the best option is to pick a classic sneaker in a neutral color, especially if you already have your clothes on and don’t know which sneaker choose.

For example: What about a classic pair of adidas? You can even opt for Vans or Converse. All of these shoes can be the perfect option for just about any casual outfit. You can pair them with leggings, jogger pants, jeans, and more. Your goal is to look nice without having to wear shoes that look good–but don’t feel good.

Dresses​ ​and​ ​Skirts

Don’t be afraid when it comes to wearing sneakers with skirts and dresses–it has become the norm in recent style. Especially in the warmer months, where the only thing you want is to feel comfy and fresh all day. It’s like the perfect duo and you will be the comfiest girl in the city.

Imagine this: you’re on vacation and have to walk long distances, don’t you prefer to do it in comfy, but cool sneakers instead of painful shoes? You don’t want to ruin a vacation because you ended up getting blisters from shoes you shouldn’t be walking long distances in.


You can give an extra touch to your look by adding a cool pair of socks. Here you can have a thousand possibilities, socks can be long or short, or can have a neutral color or printed. You can even invest in some no-show socks, so you can pair them with your low top sneakers.

You have to choose a pair of socks that looks good with your sneakers but also with your clothes. A good idea is to choose in this order: first the clothes, then the sneakers, then find the perfect pair of socks for the whole outfit, and finally, the accessories.

Socks are not only are good for matching, socks are good with sneakers for other important reasons. The socks will protect your foot, and if you sweat you won’t stain the template of your sneakers and they won’t smell or grow mold.


Yes, you can wear sneakers with stockings but not always, you have to keep one rule in mind. Never wear them with transparent stockings in any color, instead you can wear them with black opaque stockings. For example, a black dress with black stockings and multi colored sneakers will look good–especially since the sneakers will make the outfit stand out.

Be Comfortable

Remember, you’re looking to have all sorts of options: the running shoes for the gym, the ones for casual wear, and your nicest pairs. If​ ​you​ become ​overwhelmed​, the idea of this trend is to make you less worried and more comfortable.

Any sneaker will be good with almost everything, plus, they eliminate the need to always wear heels or boots. Don’t be afraid to take a risk with your style, you may end up pairing something together that ends up looking really great on you.

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Ramp Up Your Walking Regime in 2016

Do you love to walk but aren’t feeling a difference in your body shape or stamina? Our bodies quickly adapt to routines and tend to not change much if our workouts don’t change.  There are three ways to jazz up your walking routine and begin to see terrific results.  One key factor to be mindful of is the impact your diet has on your metabolism, energy level and body shape. Eighty percent of the battle of the bulge is won or lost in the kitchen.  Make sure you’ve cleaned your pantry and fridge of junk food, processed food and unhealthy snacks.  Once you’ve begun developing healthy eating habits, try these three steps to ramp up your walking regime. Here’s the breakdown on maximizing duration, frequency and intensity.


  • Frequency. At the beginning of your new walking plan, commit to walking at least three days a week.  Try to select the same three days and stick with these to develop a habit.  To keep it simple, consider walking every other day of the week.  After a few short weeks, your body will begin to expect the added energy gained from these walks.
  • Duration. As you revamp your walking program, aim for at least twenty minutes per walking session. This is long enough to begin to realize the benefits, but not so long at the beginning to seem overwhelming.  When you set smaller, shorter goals, there easier to attain and staying on track will be worth the reward in the increased energy level gained from power walks of twenty minutes every other day.
  • Intensity.  Now that you’re walking for twenty minutes every other day, push yourself to tackle hills and increase your speed.  Break down your walk into four mini sections of five minutes each. The first five minutes is your warm up session walking briskly to warm up your muscles.  The next five minutes should be at a higher intensity such that you can still carry on a conversation. The third five minute section should be full intensity with the objective to elevate and maintain a maximum heart rate for true fat burn and cardiovascular development.

After a few short weeks of the above routine, you’ll begin to not only see a difference in your shape, but have a renewed sense of energy and begin to look forward to your daily walks. Whether you’re walking around the neighborhood, a big box store or on a treadmill in the gym, be sure to use a quality moisturizer and drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated.

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How To Get Over To The Toughest Phase – Depression

Depression is dangerous and can drain a person most of the energy. There are phases that depression makes a person go through. These phases can be hard and difficult. Recovery can be difficult. Self-help or getting help or assistance from a physician or counselor is important. The manner or way people view and cope with depression is different.


Denial and Isolation

The cause of depression is likely to be an accumulation of grief in a person. The loss of a member of the family through death may cause this to an individual. The emotions become overwhelming. Acceptance of facts as they are is impossible. The stage can, however, help a person to get rid of the initial pain after the occurrence of an event. It is important and vital to note that a person mostly feels alone and avoids associating with friends, relatives or other people. In this stage, one should be advised to mingle or even interact with people. With some people around, one may feel better and feel motivated to move on. However, this is hard for most people. They hate talking about the situation.



Anger comes in when the facts begin to get real in the mind of the individual. After denying of things happening and isolating themselves, they realize that something happened. The pain then reemerges before anger. The person gets emotions that are real and is angry about things that happened. One may direct the anger to the people around. It is rational not to judge such people as the period goes away with time. People may also feel resentment towards others. In this stage, talking to a counselor or physicians is a good and advisable option.


Guilt then comes in when an individual who is depressed now feels that they should blame for things that happened to them. They feel that the people around them feel the same around them, and this may not be true. The emotions and anger in a person are what leads to such feelings. They may feel they made someone leave them. This stage is very dangerous as one may even get or feel suicidal. The person may also feel guilt about their anger and resenting others especially friends and relatives. At this stage, doctor or physician consultation is essential. They have advice and can prescribe drugs that are helpful. You should explain every detail of the situation to the doctor. You should also ask for more sessions if you feel it is what you need.


In the stage, one feels that they should regain control. It is a way of preventing ourselves from the reality and the happenings that have passed. One may even be more prayerful and deal with God or other higher powers in the attempts to postpone things that are inevitable. You react this way when you especially feel hopeless, helpless and vulnerable, and this is normal. In this stage, sessions with a doctor are essential. Of one thinks they should change the doctor, they should do so. The aim or the idea is to get help to get over the depression.


During this stage, the acceptance of things happening, those that happened, and those we can’t change or have control of begins to draw in us. If one has left us, we worry how survival would be like to live away from them or without them. Worrying in the stage is very common. We need that time to tell ourselves that things happened. You need the time to try convincing yourself to let go. In the stage, it is essential to be close to friends or loved ones. Talk to them and let them hold or hug you for as long as you need them.


The acceptance stage is not reached or afforded by everyone. Those who can afford it, do so by acquiring help right from the earlier stages. Some people do not go beyond denial and anger, and this is unfortunate as the effects can be harmful and devastating both physically and emotionally, and not forgetting health. One needs to be brave in accepting of all facts. Friends and family need to show and give support.



Getting over depression stages is difficult for some people. With realization of the need to get help, it should be made easier. The phases are hard to go through but are inevitable. However getting to acceptance is hard but is achievable.





The content is written by Meighan Sembrano, an author at 


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All You Need To Know About Pre Workout Supplement Ingredients

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that you drop the weights before the end of a lifting series, instead of doing one extra lift off? If your mind is wandering, or you are distracted, or simply cannot endure throughout the whole series, one thing is certain. Your preparation is bad. No, I’m not talking about warming up; I’m talking about proper nutrition prior to the exercises. It is equally important to have a quality meal intake, in order to be successful in your training. These are some of the ingredients you wish to include in your pre-workout preparation, in order to maximize the results.


Amino acids

Usually found in food such as meat and eggs, these important add-ons are crucial for your muscle renewal and rebuilding. Specifically, branched chain amino acids will help you digest food faster, and how workout is basically tearing up your muscle, and then let it regrow with proteins, it is clear that these ingredients will speed up that process, so the results will be achieved in shorter notice. Pay attention especially, I used to take a bit higher concentration of amino-based supplements prior to my “max day”, the one where there is no number of repetitions, but pushing it to the limit, just go as far as you can. This is particularly stressful, and you need to think a bit in advance. You will be thankful when amino acids kick in, boosting your muscle regrowth ability.


Yeah, I admit it; I’m a coffee person myself. I have dropped this habit when I started working out, but soon I’ve learned that caffeine is actually good for pre-workout preparation. Most of us knew that it gives us an energy boost, kick-starting our focus point and increasing mind abilities, but did you knew that it also helps soothing up the pain? The one point where you feel your muscles burning is called “pain barrier”, and a lot of people are giving up once they hit it. Caffeine helps to smash that barrier, and to prolong reaping the results. But rather than from coffee or some other form of drink, you can find it in a form of a pill, so you can dose it properly, and what’s best; it is faster ingested this way.


Being at the top of the list of used supplements, it’s no wonder we couldn’t bypass this add-on. Simply, it gives you strength. Increased strength gives the power to carry on, and to maximize the final result. Pumping up muscle mass is quite easier with this supplement. What’s best, creatine is so popular, that you can find it anywhere. A lot of companies, from supplements based in Sydneyto those set in New York are giving their best to improve the quality of their products. For us as consumers, bigger competition means lower prices, and higher quality.

Energy boosters

Here I’m not talking about energy drinks. Those are usually high on sugar, and you don’t want that in your diet. I’m thinking more of the ingredients found in energy drinks. Taurine, among others will energize your entire body and muscles as well, so you will be able to push the limit further. It remains to be determined how actually how taurine helps, but one of the assumptions says that in increases the amount of blood coursing through the muscles, thus increasing oxygen and glucose level within muscle tissue cells. Glucose is fuel for the muscle, while oxygen helps burn it, so clearly, you will endure for longer period of intensive workout.

Tart cherry

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this. Usually used in pies, this nature’s treasure had shown remarkable characteristics. By helping with reduction of inflammations, it gives you bigger endurance level, thus helping you to push the limit even further. Very similar to ibuprofen, it will soothe up the pain and reduce the drawbacks of tearing up the muscle.

So, with everything said taken into consideration, feel free to take into count all mentioned above, and to come up with whole new preparation, and eventually, way better results. Trust me, your hard work needs good results.

Linda Ward is a writer and nutrition specialist. She mostly writes about natural health tips, ways to eat healthy and fitness. Get in touch with Linda on Twitter @lindaeward.

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How to Plan your Own Home Gym on Low Funds?

If you’re one of them who hates the idea of work out in gyms, but still want to lose weight in the comfort and privacy of your own home, then this is the right article that you’re reading. You can plan your private gym on low fund if you follow some of the important points given below.


Here are 5 effective workout equipments that you can keep in your private gym without burning a hole in the pocket:

1. Kettlebells: 

Kettlebells are bells are perfect as it is an alternative form of cadio. A beginner can start with a 12 Kg kettlebell for women  and men can start with a 16kg kettlebell. This equipment may not cost you more than $60 to $70.

2. Skipping Rope: 

This is another excellent equipment for private gym and the biggest advantage is that it doesn’t require much space. This is considered to be the cheapest investment one can ever dream of.

3. Sandbags: 

This is considered to be the cheapest gym equipment. If your funds are limited, you can effortlessly sandbags for effective result. You can make this gym equipment on your own. In order to make this gym equipment, you need to buy sand as well as soil. You need combine both and make it 30 kgs. Your last work is to place the sand and soil mixture in the bag and use an electric tape to make your own sandbag. It may not even cost more than $5 to make your own gym equipment. The sandbag is effective as well as cheap for your own private gym.
4. Resistance Tubing: 

Most of the people are unaware of this workout equipment when setting up a home gym. It looks fragile but it can provide proper resistance. However, the resistance can range from the light range to heavy duty. It is one of the most cheapest equipment, so it can be beneficial for your home gym.

Therefore, you can consider the four low budget equipments mentioned above when you’ve limited fund to set up a private gym in your home.

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Reasons Why Beauty Therapists Are High In Demand These Days

If you thought beauty therapists and experts only did manicures and pedicures, hair dressing services and the works, think again. There is a reason rather there are many reasons we could point out for the high demand of such services. One of the reasons being, the look good and feel good factor for social acceptance, which is prevalent amongst all age groups and that is why the demand is so high for such professionals.


How to be the best around?

Beauty colleges, schools and institutions across the nation have started doling out courses which would empower enthusiasts with the right skills and talents. Right from facials to skin treatments, waxing to body care, pedicures and manicures, hairstyling and fair treatments, well – being and lifestyle management too, these organisations teach you everything.

To be the best around, apart from learning the minute details of what we mentioned above, one has to be a pro at the following too;

  • Spa therapy
  • Eye treatment (skin related)
  • The use of electrical treatment and therapies
  • Beauty Spa and business management
  • Skilled massage therapies
  • Wellness management
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Diet and nutrition
  • NLP to an extent (Neuro linguistic programming)
  • Customer services and satisfaction

Roles they play

Beauty therapists have varied range of services they offer and plenty of roles they manage and play. Right from bookings and cleanings to salon maintenance, payments to stock control, retail sales and upgrading their skills, they have to do it all. This is how they would manage to market their skills and the salon at large.

Most of them work for long hours, because of the high demands made by clients. One has to also realise the art of developing communicative relationships with clients would help with expanding business too.

More than just making money

Beauty therapists are high in demand because they are good listeners and understand customers with their needs. They know very well how to pamper every sense and nerve of the client. And that is why; beauty therapy is an awarding career. In addition to that, the pay is good and the perks are awesome as well.

At most of the spas and wellness centres, it is important for clients to fill out questionnaires which would help the therapist understand the client’s requirements. Moreover, some of us suffer from allergies or skin issues, hair issues and other medical conditions too, the questions asked in that form would help prevent any damages further when therapy is applied.

Work round the clock

Not all spas and wellness centres look for therapists to work round the clock, some do shift work too. It is but full time work which would be around forty hours a week, and the pay is handsome for the same. However, one can opt for flexible servicing times too, especially when one has to visit clients at their homes or other service centres around. You get to meet and build your own network as well, who knows; someday you might end up opening your own school for beauty therapy or a salon too.

Author Bio :

Beauty and fashion will never go out of vogue, says Junella Druart. If you have dreamt of becoming a noted celebrity amongst beauticians and their clan, it’s time to enrol or learn from the professionals. T

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Summer’s Around the Corner: Get the Body You Have Always Wanted

Summer is a mere several weeks away. It won’t be long before the bright sun and warm beaches beckon you away from your office. Your mind might be ready to hit the waves, but is your body? If you’ve been a bit lax in your fitness and diet regimen over the winter, have no fear. There’s still time to get into shape. Follow these tips to get swimsuit-ready in time for summer.

Summer's Around the Corner- Get the Body You Have Always Wanted

  1. Be Resolved

Getting in shape takes dedication, especially if you intend to be fit in a relatively short amount of time. You can’t veer from your regimen and still expect to fulfill your goals.

  1. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Most health experts agree that weight loss occurs mostly from diet. That’s why it’s important to limit unhealthy, processed foods and opt for at least 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Leave the fatty cuts of meat be, and choose lean proteins such as poultry, fish, and beans instead.

  1. Drink Water

Ever wonder why doctors recommend that people consume 6-8 glasses of water daily? Besides keeping the body hydrated and helping cells stay nourished, water flushes out harmful toxins from the body. It also makes the body more efficient at burning fat and utilizing stored insulin, the blood sugar that can lead to diabetes and obesity if accumulated in large amounts.

  1. Exercise At Least 5 Days A Week

Doctors recommend exercising for thirty minutes a day at a moderate pace. In order to see results quickly, you need to get moving for at least five days a week at a vigorous pace. Instead of a leisurely stroll, try a brisk jog or swim.

  1. Integrate Weight Training

Muscle burns more calories than fat. Individuals looking to lose weight fast should introduce strength-training into their fitness program twice weekly. Worried about looking like a bodybuilder? Don’t be. Getting very large muscles requires specific dieting, supplements, and genetics. Moderate strength-training provides shapely, toned muscles, not bulk.

Don’t forget to take care of those worked muscles. There are many resources online that can link to great information on how to relax and restore your muscles after a workout so you will be gym ready for the next day.

  1. Get Some Sleep

The body repairs itself during sleep. If you constantly pull all-nighters or party late into the evening, then you are compromising your body’s ability to regenerate cells and burn excessive fat. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep a night.

Getting in shape is a process, but it can be done if you’re willing to put forth the time and effort.

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The cost of beauty: comparing cosmetic procedures & exercise

There’s more than one way to achieve smooth skin and a taut body – and people will always disagree over which is best.

But whether you prefer the rigours of a monthly gym membership, or a one-off visit to your local Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, here are the processes and procedures that can help you to tackle six main causes of complaints among those with body image concerns.

Eye Bags and Face Wrinkles

Your face is the part of you that most people probably look at on a daily basis, so it makes sense that you should be self-aware.

Non-surgical methods of tackling eye bags and wrinkles range from getting enough sleep to cucumber slices or tea bags on the eyes, and a general commitment to moisturising to stay looking healthy and youthful.

Just remember that many cosmetics companies now advise you to use a separate moisturiser for your eyes than for the rest of your face – and as the skin around your eyes will draw moisture inwards, you don’t need to go too close to your eyeball when applying creams.

Surgical alternatives include facelifts, and intensive pulsed light therapies that can tackle wrinkles by targeting the collagen within the skin itself.

These procedures are well established within cosmetic medicine, so should usually be able to be carried out at your convenience, and often with minimal healing time required afterwards.

General Skin Wrinkling

For all-over wrinkling, your options are more limited, but again hydration is the non-surgical approach.

Swimming regularly can help to get moisture into your body, which you can then trap in place by applying cream or oil as soon as you get to the changing room.

Surgical alternatives can include targeted operations to remove any excess skin – for example, if you have lost a large amount of weight – collagen injections and pulsed light treatments to reinvigorate the skin’s own natural collagen.

Excess Stomach Fat

Stomach fat is probably the main reason why many people join a gym, and working out on a cross-trainer or treadmill can help to build your core muscle strength and give you an all-over cardiovascular workout.

Eating healthily can complement this, with fresh fruits and vegetables, along with a reduction in fatty dairy products and fried foods, one way to cut the calories.

However, if you’re already overweight, you may find it difficult to shift some of the fat – and surgical options like liposuction or a gastric band are a good way to give your willpower a much-needed boost.

Acne and Skin Blemishes

Minimising acne and skin blemishes through healthy eating and clean living is a realistic option in some, but not all cases.

Exfoliating is fashionable, but abrasive skin cleansers can actually cause more problems by over-stimulating your skin’s production of its own natural oils.

Acne treatments can be non-surgical, and may involve pulsed light to rejuvenate the skin cells in smaller scars, or dermal fillers to literally reconstruct deeper or larger scars.

Nose Shape

If you dislike your nose, there are certain things you can try – and some of them are enough to overcome only a slightly misshapen nose without requiring surgery.

Your choice of glasses, if you wear them, is one way to balance a larger nose by enhancing the appearance of your eyes, while a well-sculpted hairstyle can frame your face well whatever you look like.

Rhinoplasty is of course the surgical alternative – one of the longest-used procedures in existence, it has become a commonplace practice in all good cosmetic surgery clinics, and is both safe and effective.

Breast Size, Shape and Position

Among women, breast size, shape and position are all major issues where self-image is concerned.

Exercise can do a lot to help here, by ensuring the muscles in the chest are well developed – both to keep the breasts at a pleasing size and shape, and to help them to remain in the right position into later life.

Again, though, breast enhancement is a commonplace procedure, particularly where weight loss has left the breast tissue out of position, and should again be seen as a safe process with fairly swift recovery times.

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Understanding Different Types of St Dalfour Beauty Whitening Cream

Women all over the world love the St Dalfour Gold Seal Beauty Whitening creams. Many people know St Dalfour France for their delicious gourmet jams, but the Original St Dalfour creams are from Kuwait. These creams have helped countless women achieve clearer, brighter, whiter, and healthier looking skin. But I get more questions about which one to use than virtually any other product!

Skin creams and beauty whitening creams are greatly misunderstood by most people. That’s not surprising considering the myriad of choices on the market. Plus, there’s been little educational information made available regarding the different types of skin whitening creams and which one is appropriate for various types of skin.

We’ve compiled six leading skin whitening creams and will examine their benefits and discuss the types of skin with which each product is appropriately used.

To keep our list comprehensive and uniform, all skin creams included are manufactured by St. Dalfour. They can be easily compared and then the best choice can be made for your skin. All creams listed below are effective for general skin lightening, as well as treating light spots, acne scars and melasma.

1. Pinkish – For skin that needs extra moisture. This cream is a good daily use cream and is especially helpful for small lines and light spots. Typically, people over 40 years of age benefit greatly from Pinkish cream. The oil content of this cream moisturizes and helps repair dry, damaged skin.

2. Red M – For healthy, fairly well moisturized skin. Undamaged skin that needs lightening or whitening will benefit from Red M. This cream helps with acne marks and freckles, leaving the skin softer and clearer. It is excellent for use with most caucasian skin types. Red M protects against future freckles when applied weekly after the initial daily applications.

3. Filipina – For skin that has a higher oil content. The Filipina cream is, essentially, considered the Red M for oily or Asian-type skin. It is protective and will leave the skin looking brighter and feeling softer. Filipina will properly moisturize the skin while also helping to prevent some of the damage done by the sun and wind.

4. Non-Oily Filipina – Similar to Filipina, but for skin that already has a high oil content. This is not a moisturizing cream. Non-oily Filipina is excellent for blackheads, acne and damaged skin. Its low oil content means this cream will not clog the pores.

5. Steamed – For very sensitive skin. All oil is steamed out of this whitening cream. Similar to Non-Oily Filipina, Steamed is not a moisturizer. Steamed works well with oily skin and can help repair the damage done by acne and blackheads. Apply consistently during acne breakouts for the best results.

6. Excel – For skin that has already used whitening and brightening products. Excel is maximum strength and has double the whitening power of the other creams. It is very effective, but it should not be your first skin whitening cream. Excel moisturizes but its biggest impact is in lightening, brightening and whitening your skin.

Keep in mind that all the skin cream mentioned must be used according to their instructions. Typically, that means daily applications which then lead to weekly applications once desired, initial results are seen. Regardless of which skin whitening cream is best for you, be sure to follow the included instructions closely and monitor your skin carefully.

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7 Best MAC Makeup Products List

MAC Makeup cosmetics are durable, professional quality products designed to deliver peak performance every time. We hope will enjoy my overview of some of the most popular MAC makeup products.

1. MAC Eye Shadow

Classic MAC Eye Shadow is a must have makeup product for gorgeous eyes. The powder is highly pigmented and adheres well. Available in 8 finishes and a dazzling array of colors, it’s difficult to choose, but some of the hottest MAC Eye Shadow colors include:

  • Honey Lust
  • Ricepaper
  • Purple Haze
  • Carbon
  • Shimmer Moss
  • Cranberry
  • Naked Lunch
  • MAC Makeup Product Photos


2. MAC Paint Pots

For intensive eye color, MAC Paint Pots really make eyes pop. The lush formula is applied as a cream and dries for perfect long lasting, lightweight wear. This color fast eye makeup can be used alone or with other MAC cosmetics and is available in over a dozen rich shades.

3. MAC Fluidline Gel Eye Liner

Whether you want to add a bit of darkness and depth at the lash line to emphasize your eyes, or want a dramatic or artistic eye liner look, you can’t go wrong with MAC’s Fluidline Gel Eye Liner. This MAC favorite is a smooth, soft, and smudge proof way to define and line your eyes.

4. MAC Lipgloss

Once you have the eyes, get the pretty pout! MAC’s Lipgloss is popular because of it’s unique high-gloss appearance and smooth, glassy finish. A variety of finishes and colors mean there are endless options. Clear, Tinted, or Plush Lipglasses can be used with lipstick, or alone for sheer beauty. For ultimate shine and more intense color, try a Dazzleglass or Lustreglass shade.

5. MAC Sheertone Powder Blush

Mac’s Sheertone Powder Blush provides the perfect natural looking touch of color to cheeks. To create the perfect chiseled cheekbones, try a Sheertone Shimmer shade. The light reflective properties of the shimmer shades can help make cheek bones appear more prominent.

6. MAC Pigments

A richly hued multi purpose makeup, MAC Pigments are perfect for creating unique eye makeup looks or other avant garde or artistic designs. Use a little to lightly emphasize, or add more to create bold, intense color.

7. MAC Makeup Brushes

Get precise application and treat your skin right by using quality brushes! You can purchase MAC brushes in basic sets or individually.

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