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Natural Hand and Foot Care

Hands and Feet, our hardworking extremities are often overlooked by people who are otherwise quite thorough in their bodycare. They deserve better treatment.

Hands Care Tips

Hands reveal a lot about a persons character and health. The skin on hands get exposed to harsher treatment than that on th eother parts of the body. Hands are sibjected to extremes of temperature, harsh detergents and constant immersion in water, with resulting dehydration. If you do not look after them properly they can age very quickly, the skin on the backs of the hands becomes loose and liver-spotted. nails are a focus of attention and need special care to keep them healthy and in good condition.

Protect your hands from elements whenever you can. Wear gloves in cold weather to prevent chapping and wear rubber gloves against hot water.

Use a sun screen on the backs of you rhands in summer.

Use a nailbrush and pumice stone on really dirty hands, bleach away stains with lemon juice and massage round the nails with cuticle cream.

Foot care Tips

Wash your feet every day and put on fresh socks or stockings. use a pumice stone on hard skin., corns and callouses after a long soak to soften them. Keeping your feet clean and dry will gruard agianst athlete's foot.

If your feet sweat a lot, rub them with surgical sprit after washing, thne dust with talcum powder. Wear socks and shoes made up of non-synthetic materials. Regular visits to a chiropodist will keep your feet in trim and and they become a neccessity of you have chilblains, bunions or verracas warts.

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