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Hair Removal - How to get rid of body hair by permament solutions

Unwanted hair can be dealt with in several ways - bleaching, shaving, waxing, depilation and electrolysis. There are many ways of disguising body hair using products such as bleach to disguise growth on face or arms. When using hot wax or depilatory creams the hair is removed and regrowth occurs more slowly than shaving which needs to be done more regularly.

Bleaching Hair Removal

Bleaching is very effective if you want to conceal a fine down of hair on face or arms. Warning: only use a bleach cream product specifically formulated for use on the face. Household bleach is not suitable. Do a patch test on the inside of your lower arm and leave it for an hour to make sure that there is no irritation before you apply bleach to your face. Follow manufacture's instructions carefully.

Shaving Hair Removal

Shaving removes hair quite satisfactorily from underarms and legs. You will need to shave regularly, with a shaving cream to avoid soreness. Do not apply antiperspirant to a shaved armpit straight away - it may sting.

Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing can be done at home, but it is best to learn how by having treatment done professionaly first, as it is easy to burn yourself with the hot wax. Stripping off the wax is painful, but regrowth will not appear for about three weeks. Wax treatment is suitable for legs and bikini line.

Depilation Hair Removal

Depilation is useful for underarm and leg hair removal. A pacth test with the depilatory cream is advisable to avoid soreness. These creams break off the hair shaft just below the skin. Wash thoroughly after use and apply moisturizer.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the only way to remove unwanted hair permanently an dthis must be done by an expert. Each hair is treated individually with a fine needle that has an electric current running through it. It is a lengthy and costly business but often worth it if you have, say, a heavy growth of coarse, dark hair on your upper lip.

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