7 Best MAC Makeup Products List

MAC Makeup cosmetics are durable, professional quality products designed to deliver peak performance every time. We hope will enjoy my overview of some of the most popular MAC makeup products.

1. MAC Eye Shadow

Classic MAC Eye Shadow is a must have makeup product for gorgeous eyes. The powder is highly pigmented and adheres well. Available in 8 finishes and a dazzling array of colors, it’s difficult to choose, but some of the hottest MAC Eye Shadow colors include:

  • Honey Lust
  • Ricepaper
  • Purple Haze
  • Carbon
  • Shimmer Moss
  • Cranberry
  • Naked Lunch
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2. MAC Paint Pots

For intensive eye color, MAC Paint Pots really make eyes pop. The lush formula is applied as a cream and dries for perfect long lasting, lightweight wear. This color fast eye makeup can be used alone or with other MAC cosmetics and is available in over a dozen rich shades.

3. MAC Fluidline Gel Eye Liner

Whether you want to add a bit of darkness and depth at the lash line to emphasize your eyes, or want a dramatic or artistic eye liner look, you can’t go wrong with MAC’s Fluidline Gel Eye Liner. This MAC favorite is a smooth, soft, and smudge proof way to define and line your eyes.

4. MAC Lipgloss

Once you have the eyes, get the pretty pout! MAC’s Lipgloss is popular because of it’s unique high-gloss appearance and smooth, glassy finish. A variety of finishes and colors mean there are endless options. Clear, Tinted, or Plush Lipglasses can be used with lipstick, or alone for sheer beauty. For ultimate shine and more intense color, try a Dazzleglass or Lustreglass shade.

5. MAC Sheertone Powder Blush

Mac’s Sheertone Powder Blush provides the perfect natural looking touch of color to cheeks. To create the perfect chiseled cheekbones, try a Sheertone Shimmer shade. The light reflective properties of the shimmer shades can help make cheek bones appear more prominent.

6. MAC Pigments

A richly hued multi purpose makeup, MAC Pigments are perfect for creating unique eye makeup looks or other avant garde or artistic designs. Use a little to lightly emphasize, or add more to create bold, intense color.

7. MAC Makeup Brushes

Get precise application and treat your skin right by using quality brushes! You can purchase MAC brushes in basic sets or individually.

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  1. I want to know which type of MAC products that i should use to help me remove pimples and th black spots in my face