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Best Natural Homemade Skin Moisturizers for dry, oily and sensitive skin Types

Moisturizers are cosmetic products which to some extent provide a practical answer to problems of water loss from the skin. Moisturizers are designed to reduce water loss from the epidermis. Moisturizers protect your skin's top layer by holding in water and smoothing surface dryness. Regular use of a suitable moisturiser benefits your skin. The moisturiser not only replaces the water lost from the skin but also prevents its loss to the surroundings.

How to choose your Moisturizer?

Choosing the moisturizer to suit your skin type is very very important The proportion of oil varies according to the type of skin for which the product is formulated. The label on the product generally states this - so do read the instructions carefully! The best choice of a moisturizer is that which has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15. Petrolatum , an ingredient used in many lotions and creams is an excellent moisturizer, because it helps seal in the skin's natural moisture.

Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Moisturizers formulated specially for dry skin prevent water loss. If you have dry skin, a creamy moisturizer in a lotion or cream is very effective. If they do not have sensitive skin, they can wear whatever products feels good.

Moisturizers for Cobmination Skin

Most people have oily skin on the forehead, nose, and chin (called th T-zone), and dryer skin on the cheeks and neck. When the humidity is low, it may be necessary to moisturize the face. These moisturizers are drier and less greasy on your skin than those meant for dry skin.

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